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Party Award Ceremony

5 Day 694, 10:54 USA

From the desk of the Party President

Greens, and fellow eMericans,

Upon my leaving of the position of Party President of this Green Party, I wish to conduct an award ceremony, highlighting the efforts of people in my administration and … read more »

Special Address to the Party (USGP)

7 Day 691, 19:58 USA

From the desk of the Party President of The Green Party

To my fellow Greens,

I became Party President because of the lack of leadership, and I wanted to change that. My mentality was, "if not me, who?" This party has gotten to a point … read more »

October PP Platform

7 Day 690, 08:35 USA

From the desk of the Party President

Fellow Greens,

I feel that with the PP elections days away, and for the first time in a while, there are plenty of worthy candidates, I should … read more »

USGP PP Announcement

3 Day 682, 22:25 USA

From the desk of the Party President of the U.S. Green Party

Greens and fellow eCitizens,

First and foremost, I want to let it be made official, I am not seeking the Presidency of these eUnited States! To the Social Democrat party, … read more »

eNoob Resource Center

22 Day 667, 11:15 USA

Message from the President of the US Green Party


I am proud to announce today that the first installment of a new feature on the USGP website has been implemented. The eNoob Resource Center is now available for new citizens … read more »