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[MoD] Battle Orders Day 2,194

7 Day 2,194, 01:21 India Battle orders Battle orders

Day 2,194 Nov 22

Campaign of the Day -

Primary -
Fight For Montenegro against Albania - Fight now

All commanders are requested to set Daily order … read more »

[MoD] Battle Orders

7 Day 2,193, 05:12 India Battle orders Battle orders

Day 2,193 Nov 21

Campaign of the day -

Fight for India in Gujarat

Battle link -- Fight now

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Happy Gurpurab to all

32 Day 2,189, 05:53 India Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Happy Gurpurab to all.

Today is one of the biggest festival of Sikhism. And we are opening eCommunity eKithchen today to all

just comment no need to sub or vote ......and … read more »

[MoD] Campaign of the Day 2186

16 Day 2,186, 09:50 India Battle orders Battle orders

Fight For Iranian Brothers in SISTAN AND Balochistan

Fight Hard , Fight Smart , Fight For Friends

Orders Signed


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[Wavve] running for PP

2 Day 2,186, 07:39 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

running for PP from butter chicken party.

vote me

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