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Some day in Russia

1 Day 2,667, 11:16 Published in Serbia Serbia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

One day Jack Jockson was traveling about Russian Urals, the place where European continent ends. There he finds unusual message from Dimka. Dimka is starting a revolution and in his message he asks me to fight against his revolution.


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Funny photobombs

0 Day 2,633, 11:24 Published in Serbia Serbia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

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eSerbia statistics

1 Day 2,612, 09:23 Published in Serbia Serbia First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

population: 7.290
regions: 38
resources: 14/15
country power: 4.789
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11 Day 2,522, 12:14 Published in Poland Poland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Jack Jockson has got 999.996.339 rank points. Next kill Jack Jockson becomes TITAN and there certainly is a lot of tanks on this picture. One of them will make my day. … read more »

Formula that calculates the value of houses

7 Day 2,495, 17:33 Published in Poland Poland Financial business Financial business

Here is the formula that calculates the value of houses.

house value = profit from overtime and night work - energy cost - housing costs

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