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It is time!

0 Day 1,899, 10:06 Published in Israel Israel Battle orders Battle orders

Israel is in two fronts. Beer Sheva and Jerusalem.
We've got long odds to win in Jerusalem battle, thus, fight for Beer Sheva.
Blood for blood. (Lmao)
Help eIsrael win this fight and end the cruel Serbian occupation.

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Back on track.

2 Day 1,878, 04:30 Published in Israel Israel Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

After several months, spending a break of the game, it is great to be back to e-Israel.
Just as i came back, I saw we just got captured by Serbia, which is kind of a disgrace in my opinion.
I'd do my best to get my positions back and actually

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New newspaper. Plus, running for the Congress.

3 Day 1,731, 07:46 Published in Israel Israel Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hello all, after quite a while of playing this game and helping Israel throughout her best, and worse times, I decided to try and help a bit better, by opening my own newspaper, which will provide the newest things around the community, and so on.

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