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The World Outside Our Borders

20 Day 706, 17:04 Ireland

Goooooooooooooooooooooooood Evening to you all! The Department of Foreign Affairs wishes you a wonderful evening full of sweets, and joy .... and joyness.

(Please note I have just gotten erepublik plus, so expect some eccentricities :p *

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A Brief Word from the MoFA

12 Day 688, 13:30 Ireland

Good Evening eIreland, I hope I find you well!

This is just a brief article, expect a healthier version sometime soon. Only two things on the agenda right now, however.

1. Ambassadors, as President Patton has said, ambassadors are of paramount

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From your Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs

12 Day 661, 12:45 Ireland

Evening everyone, hope I find you well.

As I'm sure most are aware, Vyse is currently sick with a flu and in no fit state to act as MoFA, until he is all better I'll be filling in. I'd like to wish Vyse a speedy recovery, even if I am enjoying

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More Ambassadors Needed

10 Day 395, 08:59 Ireland

The Irish Foreign Ministry is now taking applications for the position of ambassadors to Spain, Norway, Finland and Sweden. All current ambassadors cannot hold a second position, but previous applicants are allowed to apply for these positions.

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Ambassador List

6 Day 389, 15:15 Ireland

Hey, after much thought and deliberation, here are the list of ambassadors.

Ambassador to Canada: Nithraldur
Ambassador to the UK: Sean Greene
Ambassador to the USA: Kiemar
Ambassador to Italy: Andredambreville
Ambassador to Australia:

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