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The Summit: Contestants!

16 Day 711, 12:01 Published in Ireland Ireland

The following is the eIrish Team for The Summit, October 2009


- Digits

Co ordination and Agility

- DashRiprock

Accuracy and Timing


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Announcing ....

15 Day 710, 05:49 Published in Ireland Ireland


Over the past number of days I have been working with the president of Austria, Rangeley, to work out the details of our international games. 5 nations have been invited to attend the first Summit, … read more »

Choices, CHOICES!

16 Day 707, 15:24 Published in Ireland Ireland

Good Evening Citizens,

My second article in two days, I'm surprised too. Unfortunately, admin has decided to up the price of MPPs, as DT has no doubt informed you. And so while I had intended to spend the evening sorting out ambassadors I have to

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The World Outside Our Borders

20 Day 706, 17:04 Published in Ireland Ireland

Goooooooooooooooooooooooood Evening to you all! The Department of Foreign Affairs wishes you a wonderful evening full of sweets, and joy .... and joyness.

(Please note I have just gotten erepublik plus, so expect some eccentricities :p *

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A Brief Word from the MoFA

12 Day 688, 13:30 Published in Ireland Ireland

Good Evening eIreland, I hope I find you well!

This is just a brief article, expect a healthier version sometime soon. Only two things on the agenda right now, however.

1. Ambassadors, as President Patton has said, ambassadors are of paramount

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