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Re-elect Senator Infin in Queensland!

13 Day 789, 18:03 Published in Australia Australia

After two unsuccessful tilts for for the Senate last month I finally secured a seat ranking second overall in Queensland. I have been honoured to represent Queensland, and have worked hard this term fighting for a better system. I have been highly

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Why join the ANP?

20 Day 785, 21:31 Published in Australia Australia

The ANP is the Australian National Party, the oldest and second largest party in eAustralia. The ANP is a centre-right party which subscribes to traditional libertarian

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Senate votes to cut income tax to 10%

5 Day 780, 23:17 Published in Australia Australia

With the return of our stolen Treasury funds, I recently proposed an amendment to the eAustralia Taxation Act, and the Senate recently voted, to cut income tax in all industries except hospitals and defense systems to 10% from the current

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UPDATED: Senator voting record

15 Day 779, 03:53 Published in Australia Australia

I have updated the Senator voting record spreadsheet. It can be found here.

You will note in this version that Senators with 100% voting attendance are marked in green.

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Great to see IRC and Auserepublik taken seriously

2 Day 778, 04:53 Published in Australia Australia

eAustralia has two great communities:

IRC: irc://; and


The quality of administration and moderation in these two great communities has fluctuated over past months and users have

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