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Heidar's newspaper in eHungary

eRomania's strenght is...

48 Day 1,113, 13:08 Romania

...the organization or the self-sacrifice?



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The CNRP is in the eRomanian parliament || A CNRP a román parlamentben

22 Day 1,112, 10:56 Romania

The Corvin - National Radical Party has a member in the eRomaninan congress

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From eHungary with Love

117 Day 1,108, 06:20 Romania

Dear Neighbours,

Greet New - Hungary!

Let me show You our new country.

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31 Day 1,106, 07:57 Romania


Good and totally legal job!

EDEN got more than 10 000 golds from the Admins cause the closed wars.

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The story of eRomania's high iron regions

47 Day 1,105, 06:41 Romania

True Story

What will be your next fail?

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