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[MoFA]Assessment of the current term of office

7 Day 2,288, 12:34 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hi again,
today I want to ask You dear Czech players what do you think about current CP and his goverment. We don't talk to much, so now when the term ends I want to talk in comments about our future, pros and cons of this month. I know that nobody

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[MoFA]Daily analysis

2 Day 2,285, 05:08 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hi everyone :)
When I write it we are again independence country! I must to say thanks for each Czech society for patient, forbearance and of course engagement to our military campagains. Today we need to try win next rw in Iran, becouse "escape to

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[MoFA]Short informations

5 Day 2,283, 12:55 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic Battle orders Battle orders

Hi all!
Today we win battle in Carinthia. War against Austria ended, so now we must win possible rw in this region. Fight hard for our e-homeland! What about our core regions? I try to find agreement with Iran, but now we can't win against biggest

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[MoFA]A few words about Austria.

9 Day 2,279, 22:19 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic Battle orders Battle orders

Today we are coming to Austria. We have simple tactics:

We need to lose battles in regions

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Napoleon Bonaparte

82 Day 2,094, 15:28 Published in Poland Poland Battle orders Battle orders

Jako, że do topki potrzeba tylko 14 votów, to wbijamy tam tego arta i jebnijcie mi soczystego Napka jako podsumowanie poziomu naszej prasy ostatnimi czasy :)

Liczę na waszą kreatywność w wymyślaniu kolejnych haseł po Napku.

No i cycki na zachę

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