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Furious Meerkats are recruiting

12 Day 1,671, 13:03 Romania Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Furios Meerkats is a TEDEN tank unit.The founder of FM unit is normekk.At first FM was a small unit but after some time FM became a well organised group of soldiers which is giving max

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Furious Meerkats....2 months later

24 Day 1,463, 03:53 Brazil Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

70 days ago we founded an EDEN/TERRA tanks unit - Furious Meerkats. Back then, we were small and poor. Now, after 2 months, we've became much stronger and more organized group, which can make even 50-60 kk dmg per day. We are fighting

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Farewall and adieu o7

80 Day 1,423, 16:24 Brazil Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

I have been playing this game for over two years. I trained with boosters most of the time, which is why I became one of erep's strongest guys. Vast majority of gold I spent on that was bought from admins. Today's change crossed out all the effort

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Join Furious Meerkats, we have cookies

27 Day 1,412, 07:53 Brazil Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Let me introduce you an elite unit - Furious Meerkats. This is a special unit composed of tanks of Eden and Terra. The purpose of FM is to provide a large and rapid damage at key moments in important battles for alliances. Assamblies are

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Furiously Meerkats

41 Day 1,391, 12:09 Brazil Battle orders Battle orders

Have you ever dreamt about becoming a member of an elit unit that decides whether or not a battle is won on its own?

Would you like to see ONE's domination finally broken?


That's why we've created a military unit for

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