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Removal of Residence Building

6 Day 1,767, 05:07 Published in USA USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Starting today, the Residence building (former Town center) is being removed.

If you previously made upgrades to your Residence using currency, you will find the compensation in your storage for your expense. In addition, from now on, each level

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Training Contracts Explained [EDITED]

11 Day 1,758, 01:04 Published in USA USA Financial business Financial business

30 days training cost (all training centers):
104.10 gold

90% training contract:
65 + 10.41 = 75.41 (saving you … read more »

Countries Damage - Daily / Weekly / Monthly

3 Day 1,754, 13:19 Published in USA USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

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Mass destruction weapons

3 Day 1,752, 01:21 Published in USA USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Until the end of Day 1,755 win Rockets for every battle hero medal and Bombs (5,000,000 damage) for every campaign hero medal! Use them to win your battles!

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Health to Energy

1 Day 1,744, 02:10 Published in USA USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Beginning on day 1743, the concept of “Health” is renamed to “Energy” . Working, training and fighting consume the same amount of Energy as they did with Health before. Likewise, Food will recover an equal amount of Energy. Apart from the name

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