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[Dáil Éireann] Preliminary Investigation Into Commune Investment

43 Day 2,239, 09:08 Ireland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Citizens of The Republic,
(Sounds officially official)

Last term when I managed to wiggle into the Dáil thread, despite not being elected, where I volunteered to look into the … read more »

[IrishArmy] Adapting and pushing forward - Feedback/Reward

45 Day 2,208, 17:00 Ireland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

My Comrades,

The New World is changing. New challenges await our glorious island, as Empires topple and fall around us, the need for warriors has never been stronger. We stand at the … read more »

[IrishArmy] Report on Current Supply Infrastructure

45 Day 2,192, 16:32 Ireland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Army and Bootcamp members,

I'll jump right in; in order to explain the stress on the Supply Network, its important to know how the system works - below is a visual representation of … read more »

The most unsatisfying and ironic prologue to an Army report you'll ever read

41 Day 2,192, 04:57 Ireland First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik


First order of business: like any structured piece of literature, skipping to the end ruins the message. Everything ties into eachother, so read it all before … read more »

[Hot Stuff] Seanan's Music Selection

24 Day 2,181, 13:39 Ireland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Dearest readers,

After beheading Kurgan and watching his arms frail in desperation these recent months of glorious Irish … read more »