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A New God of War Arises!

21 Day 2,704, 08:51 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Deer Friends!

Yes, a new God of War has risen amongst you!

And it's ME :D


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[CP] Do Polskych Prziacoloch - Losing against Dictatorship!

45 Day 2,662, 02:39 Published in Poland Poland Battle orders Battle orders

Deer Friends, bad news!

Slovakia is losing the fight for democracy! Urgent help is needed in every division.

Do and Shout:

Slovakia Calling for Help read more »

[CP] Madarska diktatura na Slovensku

28 Day 2,657, 05:47 Published in Slovakia Slovakia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Deer Friends, bad news!

Necakal som zeby som to raz povedal, ale shoutujte:

Fight for USA! Keep the Occupation! Deny Dictatorship! more »

[CP] Suma sumárum...

14 Day 2,650, 10:06 Published in Slovakia Slovakia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

... alebo Prihovor nador narod nadoru!

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[CP] Eastern Slovakia Rental Agreement

13 Day 2,643, 08:01 Published in Slovakia Slovakia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Eastern Slovakia Rental Agreement

1, Per prior agreement Slovakia has set the resource for Eastern Slovakia region to Sand.

2, Eastern Slovakia is under indefinite lease … read more »