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[CP] Slovak-Polish Resource War

35 6 days ago Published in Slovakia Slovakia Battle orders Battle orders

Slovakia and Poland agree upon following:

1, We shall have a Training War to get as much from the Resource Wars tournament as possible.

2, a, Slovakia NEs … read more »

[GameNews] Silent, huge, changes to the eRep

33 Day 2,611, 08:00 Published in Slovakia Slovakia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Deer Friends!

Given the recent developments in the eWorld it is easy to miss a change to the gameplay, especially when done silently. However, this one's drastic!


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Povolavacie rozkazy! MOR HO! [update]

26 Day 2,599, 11:15 Published in Slovakia Slovakia Battle orders Battle orders

Deer Friends!

Dnesnym dnom vyhlasujem najvyssi stupen bojovej pohotovosti!

A ty Mor Ho!
Hoj Mor Ho detvo môjho rodu,
Čo kradmou rukou siahne na Tvoju
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[Kongres] NE pokyny

5 Day 2,593, 08:29 Published in Slovakia Slovakia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Tento zákon / this law volíme podľa toho čomu dajú argentinci 26 hlasov. / We vote that law depending on what args give 26 votes.

Prosíme, voľte podľa inštrukcií, snáď sa vyhneme ďalš … read more »

A New Legendary Force Arises

28 Day 2,585, 09:56 Published in Slovakia Slovakia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Deer friends!

It is my pleasure to share my new achievement with you:

I need 25 commenters ;)
And 5 more on the

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