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We give you tips, we give you information, we give you orders, we give you interviews, we give you games. What do we ask in return? You have a good time reading our articles... and maybe vote the article, subscribe and tell friends about the newspaper. However having a good time is just the minimum.

UKPP Down?

93 Day 2,308, 08:04 United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

UKPP have possibly been PTOed. We say possibly as no one knows the full story yet, but here is CheetahCurtis with most of the information so far as well as … read more »

Fight for East Midlands!

3 Day 2,298, 10:01 United Kingdom Battle orders Battle orders

I haven't wrote an article for ages, but seeing country in such difficulty I had to speak out. We are currently in a tough situation, with a smaller country … read more »

Keep Fighting For Justice!

16 Day 2,256, 12:27 Malaysia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Give Mick Back His Money...
...and everyone else who has lost items due to admin corruption. There has been at least 12 articles(probably more) released in 5 different countries of the eWorld in the past 2 days about this matter. A poll has … read more »

Regional Review

27 Day 2,233, 06:00 Malaysia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Compared to other areas of the eWorld, South-East Asia is very small. However, this does not mean countries cannot deal a lot of damage or hold many regions. … read more »

The Empires Strike Back

14 Day 2,191, 11:52 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Happy 6th Birthday eRepublik! Normally you give presents to the birthday boy/girl but this time eRepublik is giving us a gift. After constant moaning from … read more »