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We give you tips, we give you information, we give you orders, we give you interviews, we give you games. What do we ask in return? You have a good time reading our articles... and maybe vote the article, subscribe and tell friends about the newspaper. However having a good time is just the minimum.

War Over France

22 Day 1,675, 10:26 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The epic saga over France continues. Poland are slowly losing grip after Canada decided to help out USA and France, but with Serbia and Slovenia about the get involved, this war is getting more interesting.

Countries Involved
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Prime Ministers Question Time with jamesw

15 Day 1,674, 13:24 United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Today at 8pm, the general public of the eUK got the chance to ask questions to our current prime minister, jamesw. If you missed the actual talk, here are most of the questions.

1. With Brazil leaving Terra and the recent creation of CoT, where

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How To Help The Nation

3 Day 1,673, 09:02 United Kingdom First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

How can you help the eUK? Become prime minister, conquer the eWorld and then force everyone to become a slave for you, producing millions of food and weapons a day... Slow down! Rome wasn't built in a day. Take your time, progress through the

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Questions and Answers on the Irish Peace Deal

11 Day 1,672, 09:43 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The eUnited Kingdom made a peace deal with Ireland a while ago, where we would also swap a few regions. This did mean that we would lose two real-life countries, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but we did gain there capital Dublin, as well as Louth.

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Cost of Getting a BH and CH Medal

9 Day 1,663, 04:14 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The cost of getting Battle Hero and Campaign Hero medals are always rising. Here are some stats on the cost of an average BH and CH medal, as well as the most costly and least costly. At stats were taken at 03:00 eRepublik Time.

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