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[Legion] - The Legion Newspaper

1 Day 1,860, 15:36 Poland Battle orders Battle orders

Tra la la

Just holding stuff here for now. Need the link and testing etc.


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[Legion] - The Legion Lottery - Holding Article

3 Day 1,860, 15:23 Poland Financial business Financial business

Hey all!

Another holding article for The Legion here!

The Legion runs a weekly lottery which we have opened up to the whole of the eUK! Tickets are free and the prizes are oh so real! Read an … read more »

[Legion] – Legion Damage – Holding Article

0 Day 1,860, 15:05 Poland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The Legion Damage

We have some talented writers here in The Legion. They like to keep track of how we are doing and they publish our results!

In this article we will track these … read more »

[Legion] - Simply WOW

26 Day 1,860, 06:52 Poland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello all,

What a week we have had! I want to start of this article by saying I am proud of every single eUK citizen and every ally that fought for us.

However I am even more proud of everyone in The … read more »

[Legion] - The guide to all things free!

9 Day 1,821, 11:56 Poland Financial business Financial business

Hello all,

I come to you today with a compilation of programs and activates that can help you increase your growth in eRepublik! With the free tanks and food (sometimes daily) you can push your account … read more »