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Never Go To That Path Again

11 Day 1,192, 19:26 Malaysia

Assalamualaikum & greetings,

When I read [PKM] Rebuild eMalaysia the Right Way I' … read more »

Just A Spam : D

17 Day 1,191, 08:07 Malaysia

Assalamualaikum & greetings,

Once upon a time I can have 45 votes on my article in eMalaysia for just posting a single meaningless and stupid picture.Lately it seems that eMalaysia media receive lesser and lesser votes and subscriptions so just

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Humanitarian Aid For eMalaysia

23 Day 1,162, 22:10 Malaysia

Assalamualaikum & greetings,

I begin with Allah blessed name,I praise Him and I glorified Him as He is ought to be praise and glorified.I pray for peace and blessing on all His noble messengers,on our father Adam a.s,on our father Abraham a.s,on

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This Is For You From Me

9 Day 1,144, 20:49 Malaysia

It seems that 60% of eMY article started with "This Is For" so I decided to continue and probably end that tradition.

It seems that now the oppressed have been called as the oppressor and the oppressor have been called as the oppressed.


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This Is For You eMalaysian

23 Day 1,144, 05:20 Malaysia

So Nicholas made another article attacking amer59 and I again to show support to his best friend forever Joseph Straatman.So should I counter attack?No I decided not to.

Today I read the story of my beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be

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