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Im Back

7 Day 2,437, 20:14 Romania First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

After Not playing for a long time im back

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5 Day 1,975, 16:27 Bulgaria Battle orders Battle orders

I would like to thank all the brave solders who have fought for this country also nice gob in taking that territory taken from Romania Keep it up and also for the Bulgarian Democratic Party good luck in congress elections.

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Revenge Against Romania

3 Day 1,968, 16:01 Bulgaria Battle orders Battle orders

We have taken revenge against the Country that took the original Bulgaria from us to teach them a lesson we took 4 out of 6 of our territory back but that is not the best part the Best part is that we invaded Romania's Capital and in a amazing

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Taking Back Bulgaria

4 Day 1,963, 20:06 Bulgaria Battle orders Battle orders

I think that there is no better time to to back the Original Bulgaria 3 reasons for my thinking is

*There is only one country that owns the original Bulgarian territory's and that is Romania.

*We already own 2 out of 6 of Bulgarian territory's

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North Korea blocks south korean workers

5 Day 1,961, 10:25 Bulgaria Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Paju, South Korea (CNN) - North Korea on Wednesday stirred fresh concerns in Northeast Asia, hundreds of South Koreans blocked from entering the joint … read more »