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Ok people thats enough

20 Day 1,148, 10:28 Published in Ireland Ireland

i dont know the current grudge system and i dont know what plots plans and scheems are on the line here


i do know that with the recent wipe we are a fair way up the creek with a very small paddle no ??


are we really

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Some rocking tunes for eIRISH fighters from binksy :)

3 Day 1,036, 12:58 Published in Ireland Ireland

Firstly :

This is war by sick puppies:
<a href='http://'> </a>

Second we have your going down by sick puppies again :)
<a href='

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manifesto (EFTS)

6 Day 1,033, 07:58 Published in Ireland Ireland

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Binksy and I am an 11 term Congressman and 4 time Party President of Independent voices running as the incumbent from (The North East). For those of you who have supported me throughout my tenure in

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binksy joins EFTS :)

16 Day 1,031, 09:56 Published in Ireland Ireland

It is with mixed feelings that i announce this as i will miss IV :(

but it is good in that i am working (as i was in IV ) with alot of old friends and former collagues who i feel represent the future and if the rest of IV would also join i feel

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basic elections update(UPDATE ) :)

8 Day 948, 13:42 Published in Ireland Ireland

As it stands at 15&quot;00


binksy -10 IV
Dan murchad-6 IFP
David phelps-5 IUP
Joe hitman-5 LAB
Kheops-3 IUP
Connolly james-3 LAB


anseneri bere-6 LAB

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