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Thank you, Plato

9 Day 2,214, 02:10 Serbia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hello, Plato

I am writing you this article to say THANK YOU.

You may ask yourself for what, well this is the reason:

This way, you have finally taught me how to save my money in RL: I WON'T BUY YOUR GOLD

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Fourth lesson in Romanian

14 Day 550, 10:16 Indonesia

My dear eIndonesian friends, I have allowed you almost 48 hours to fully learn the first three lesson in our beautiful, civilized language. I don't have much hope that more than 5% of you were able to learn what I've showed you until now. After all,

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Third lesson in Romanian

39 Day 547, 10:39 Indonesia

Dear eIndonesian friends, today is a sad day for our classes. The second lesson for the official language of our dear Matzanesia country disappeared because of some magic done by the gods of the eWorld.

But don't worry, before starting today's

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First lesson in Romanian

71 Day 545, 10:27 Indonesia

Hello, dear Indonesian friends. Since we are all here, and it's obvious that soon, the official language of this country will be Romanian, it's time for you to learn our language.

We will start slowly, because I don't want to fry your brains with

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