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Voting For Policy Not For The Party! [PPP]

23 11 hours ago Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

It is not important who wins, if the policies are right!


The Pink Panther have always been proud of our status as a multicultural Party capable of celebrating the diversity of humanity. We've always read more »

Erepublik Forum - Best of... Military Units

6 6 days ago Belgium Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Best ideas !

1. Official MU's Newspaper

MU's to be able to have their own newspapers.
This way it would be easier for commanders to
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D.A. Direct Action - eCuba

3 Day 2,431, 04:18 Belgium Battle orders Battle orders

We have now the Target RW in eCUBA

The First Special operations, DA - direct action start in the first RW from eCUBA
Against eUSA keep it on mode alert

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Introduction FR - The Pink Panther School

6 Day 2,429, 19:32 Belgium First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Erepublik c’est difficile a comprendre dans les premiers jours puis un jeux d’enfant

Le Menu
Le menu est pré … read more »

Interview with The President of eBelgium Director9

14 Day 2,429, 16:07 Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Player Interview: Director9 - The President of eBelgium
by Santiago Jr


Good Evening Mr. read more »