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IDF orders Day 1028

6 Day 1,028, 17:26 Published in Ireland Ireland

All IDF soldiers are ordered to fight for the United Sates. Portugal attacked the State of Georgia three hours ago.

This is an all divisions order, all soldiers are to report to for weapons.

Then proceed to

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DoD Update Day 1025

7 Day 1,025, 16:18 Published in Ireland Ireland

Soldiers of the IDF and all of Ireland,

Recent events have left the government and the military in an unorganized state. The hand over of organization passwords and control of state assets did not go as planned as we all know so things have been

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DoD Orders Day 1,017

8 Day 1,017, 08:32 Published in Ireland Ireland

Soldiers of the Republic Atten-shun!

Our allies USA are taking revenge on Russia by pushing into Far Eastern Russia and we are going in to aid our allies.

This is an all divisions

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DoD Orders Day 1,014

10 Day 1,014, 17:57 Published in Ireland Ireland

Soldiers of the IDF,

You are being called upon to aid a nation in need once again. The requests for IDF assistance has being steadily growing over the past week and a half and sadly we cant assist in every battle but we wil try to assist are

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[DoD] A Tribute to the Fallen and Decomissioning of O Malley Hall

26 Day 1,013, 16:24 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello citizens and soldiers of Ireland,

As the time comes to move from the old to the new in halls and the basis to run the Irish Defence Forces, it's fitting that we look back on the soldiers who made the Irish Defence Forces and into the

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