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[Callumh1234CP] Cabinet

19 Day 1,225, 01:45 Published in Australia Australia

I felt it necessary to show the cabinet first as it gives you a better sense of my policies later on, knowing who is going to be running the department so i go this done quickly with a great response and we have a great team here so here is my

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[Callumh1234CP] A Presidential Announcement

32 Day 1,223, 01:24 Published in Australia Australia

Hello eAustralia. I, Callumh123 will be running for Prime Minister of eAustralia. eAustralia has begun to prosper in the last couple of months, and i must fully thank the c0nstant Government for there hard work in putting eAustralia in this great

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Callumh123 for NT

7 Day 1,219, 04:17 Published in Australia Australia

o/ I will be running for Senate in NT.

-Current dMoD x3
-MoE x3
-dMoICS x3
-Senator x3
-ATO Team

What i plan to do:
-Push for first time senators participation
-Push for GnG to take a

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What needs to be done.

7 Day 1,210, 22:47 Published in Australia Australia

What needs to be done

After talking to a few eAustralians, the community is deteriorating and slowly going into inactivity. So i put it on myself to get the Community to improve eAustralia. We cannot rely on the government to just wipe read more »

The day in the life of a Deputy Minister.

33 Day 1,204, 02:49 Published in Australia Australia

I stumbled out of the Department of Education, who had just taken in there new batch of Koalas, Hawks and Devils to train, and turn them into eAustralia’s most lethal fighting force. I can see why Venja, Sam Cougar, Lion and Lord Ferrum where

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