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Natural Enemy

The citizens of this country will be provided with a +10% war influence bonus in the military campaigns against the Natural Enemy.
No current Natural Enemy

Defence Shield

The Defence Shield protects your country against attacks.
When a region is attacked, your country receives a damage bonus equal to the Shield Capacity divided by the number of regions owned.
Defence Shield: 0 damage left


Help your country to launch an Airstrike by donating Food and Currency.
The Country President can use the Airstrike to declare war and attack a country that you do not have borders with.
Energy Units required:1,962,262 / 3,652,000
Currency required:55,644 / 66,667

Active wars in Ireland

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Active resistance wars in Ireland

There are no resistance wars in this country.
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Mutual Protection Pacts

Chile Expires in 4 days
Bulgaria Expires in 5 days
Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Expires in 6 days
Croatia Expires in 6 days
Spain Expires in 13 days
United Kingdom Expires in 23 days
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