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Natural Enemy

The citizens of this country will be provided with a +10% war influence bonus in the military campaigns against the Natural Enemy.

Defence Shield

The Defence Shield protects your country against attacks.
When a region is attacked, your country receives a damage bonus equal to the Shield Capacity divided by the number of regions owned.
Defence Shield: 83,333,260 damage left


Help your country to launch an Airstrike by donating Food and Currency.
The Country President can use the Airstrike to declare war and attack a country that you do not have borders with.
Energy Units required:10,729,112 / 6,851,250
Currency required:1,495,222 / 180,000

Active wars in Hungary

Active resistance wars in Hungary

There are no resistance wars in this country.
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Mutual Protection Pacts

Norway Expires in 8 days
Argentina Expires in 11 days
Slovenia Expires in 12 days
Canada Expires in 12 days
Republic of Moldova Expires in 14 days
Serbia Expires in 15 days
Peru Expires in 17 days
Brazil Expires in 17 days
Thailand Expires in 20 days
New Zealand Expires in 21 days
Colombia Expires in 27 days
Iran Expires in 31 days
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