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0 .28 Gold GOLD   10,016 .95 SGD SGD

Tax Revenue

The tax revenue is based on the number of regions a country owns. Conquered regions will generate additional income at the expense of the country that originally held that region. More info
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Country resources

Resource Regions
Fish Singapore City
Grain Not available
Fruits Not available
Cattle Not available
Deer Not available
Iron Not available
Saltpeter Not available
Aluminum Not available
Oil Not available
Rubber Not available

Trade embargoes

This country can trade with any other country in eRepublik.


Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Food 1.00% 99% 25%
Weapons 1.00% 99% 25%
Moving Tickets 1.00% 99% 5%
Food Raw Materials 1.00% 75%
Weapon Raw Materials 1.00% 75%
Hospital 1.00% 1% 0%
Defense System 1.00% 1% 1%


Minimum 10.00 SGD
Average 19.83 SGD