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Truly a first RO [UPDATED]

Day 473, 13:11 Published in Romania Hungary by Quicksilver

Truly a first

15 people. Around one table. Still ill at ease. I am this and that. Should I tell my nick or my real name? Curiously watching the others, wow they are too people. The enemy, the opposing side. With whom we fight, we have wars and media wars, because of whom we are in these two regions only, and who can be the way out of them in one way or other. He decides the fate of a country, the fate of the place we are right now. He hits the wall, the other writes propaganda, yet another organizes, and he is the admin. Wow admin too is human. :-)

We mix the languages, please speak English, I listen to the song of the foreign language, its taste, its mood, it tells more than words sometimes. The mood is slowly warming, we are over the first stage fright and start really talking, not only exchanging social pleasantries, now, will there be an impeachment, will there be another attack, who hit how much yesterday and who didn’t, the question of media moguls and bug…already stories fly around, the mood now truly friendly, president and ex-president exchanges congratulations and discusses past, present and future possibilities, if they impeach me, a Hungarian will be the president in Romania, so you can be sure of your position.

History comes up, eRepublik yesterday and yesteryear, dragons and pantheons, where is the country that was the greatest power some time ago and where is its people? It is good for a country to have a lively life, for then that country truly lives, grows, develops, strengthens, looks ahead into the future. Quiet countries are dead, they just haven’t noticed it. You must not stamp out this liveliness, you have to give it a purpose. A common goal that everyone can identify with and work, train and live for. You must give it a frame in which it can fulfill its potential.

The enemy is not an enemy really. Just an adversary. That is a game where we play and this is real life in which we make friends. People are here, there, everywhere. We have common traits. We have conflicting interests. We have differences. We have arguments and reasons. We are and they are.

We play the same game.

Against each other.

But together.

This is important.

In 7th Marc, 2009, one day after the battle for Szeged, IRL meeting took place between Romanian and Hungarian players, in Szeged. The first such in the history of eRepublik.

I do so hope that many will follow.


Some pictures

more pictures

And we thank for the eRepublik T-shirts and passports!

A legelső

15 ember. Egy asztal körül. Zavarban eleinte. Ez és ez vagyok. A nickem mondjam vagy a nevemet? Kíváncsi méregetés, jé a másik is emberből van. Az ellenség, az ellenfelek. Akikkel harcolunk, akikkel médiaháborút és igazit vívunk, akik miatt beszorultunk ide, és akik egyben a kivezető út is lehetnek belőle. Ő dönt a hely erepbeli sorsáról, ahol IRL vagyunk. Ő üti a falat, ő írja a cikket, ő szervez, ő az admin. Huhh, az admin is emberből van. :-)

Keverjük a nyelveket, please speak English, fülelek az idegen nyelv hangzására, ízére, hangulatára, lassan melegszik a hangulat, már túlesünk a kölcsönös zavaron, már valóban beszélgetünk, nem csak udvariaskodunk, na lesz elnöki felmentés, lesz-e újabb támadás, ki mennyit ütött tegnap és ki miért nem, média mogulok és bugok sorsa… már sztorik röpködnek, a hangulat oldott, kedélyes, elnök és exelnök cserél gratulációkat, vitatja meg a taktikát és hibáit, a jelent és a jövő lehetőségeit, ha felmentenek magyar lenne Románia elnöke, ennél jobb garancia nem is kellhet, hogy biztos legyél a helyedben.

Történelem merül fel, erep tegnap és tegnapelőtt, sárkányok és panteonok, országok felemelkedése, stagnálása és bukása, hol van már a tavalyi erős ország, és hová tűntek belőle az emberek? Jó ha egy ország pezseg, mert az az ország él, van, létezik, fejlődik, felfelé tart, előrenéz. A csendes országok halottak csak még nem vették észre. Nem szabad lefojtani a pezsgést, célt kell adni neki. Közös célt, amivel mindenki azonosulni tud, és amiért dolgozik, harcol, élhet. Kereteket kell neki adni, amiben megtalálhatja a helyét és a szerepét.

Az ellenség nem ellenség, csak ellenfél. Az egy játék, amiben ott vagyunk, ez pedig IRL, ahol itt vagyunk. Itt is, ott is emberek vagyunk. Vannak közös pontjaink. Vannak eltérők. Vannak vitáink és vannak érveink. Vagyunk mi és vannak ők.

Ugyanazt a játékot játsszuk.

Egymás ellen.


Ez fontos.

2009. március 7-én, egy nappal a Szegedi csata után IRL román-magyar találkozóra került sor Szegeden. Az első nemzetközi találkozóra az erepublik eddigi történetében.

Remélem még sok fogja követni.




dansor1983 Day 473, 13:17


Bildatlas Corporation
Bildatlas Corporation Day 473, 13:17

we want more pictures:D

xongorx Day 473, 13:18

Yes. Give us pictures!

Maurits Day 473, 13:19

thumbs up!

Titu Maiorescu
Titu Maiorescu Day 473, 13:21


Anorien Day 473, 13:21

nicely said. more pics please:D

The.Crow Day 473, 13:23

So, the best and the most proud (sides) in this game made true the first and, I hope, the best IRL relationship. The new way to play the game was made by hungarians and romanians, this evening.

PS: That's the kind of (writing) articles I was used to, coming from you.

ElTorque Day 473, 13:23

Nice event. Not a great timing, but still a nice event

Titu Maiorescu
Titu Maiorescu Day 473, 13:24

I am sure we will see about this in the Insider or maybe RL media as well. I wish I could have been there.

Vlddan Day 473, 13:24


bog2003 Day 473, 13:24

will you marry dsalageanu?

XtaSia Day 473, 13:25

PictureS !!

GLaDOS Day 473, 13:27


Slider Day 473, 13:29


LowRiderIAD Day 473, 13:30

One picture and that is to small too...MORE!!!
Truly a epic day, or ain't it?

silviu24 Day 473, 13:32

Ce mai vrea?Ar trebui sa-si caute un barbat in rl.))

dushmanu_sas Day 473, 13:33

Great initiative. I bet with the proper amount of beer and weed there will be no PEACE and ATLANTIS. No historical frictions between us and no real debate subject about who's who and who was first. Yet again, it might just be one of those bets I'm likely to lose.

XDJani Day 473, 13:33


Omae Day 473, 13:38

fck pictures. great job, realy !
Jonny Walker.

Luhter Day 473, 13:43

bravo, macar ceva a fost facut. Sa speram ca nu numai pentru imagine

Mistwalker Day 473, 13:45

"Great initiative. I bet with the proper amount of beer and weed there will be no PEACE and ATLANTIS. No historical frictions between us and no real debate subject about who's who and who was first. Yet again, it might just be one of those bets I'm likely to lose."

Actually just the weed, no alchohol. It works miracles , but tehnically we're not allowed to be talking about it as there are kids who read this

SteauaNordului Day 473, 13:50


ambrushcet Day 473, 13:50


Clarence Harvey
Clarence Harvey Day 473, 14:05

Ah well, I'll ask for pix here, too.
It's always nice to get out of the 'rp' and make some new friends.

Quicksilver Day 473, 14:10

I have linked some pictures in the article!

I really consider this meeting a great idea, and I do so hope, many will follow. We are here in the game enemies - but that shouldn't stop us being friends as well.

I was thinking about the timing of the meeting too... but we set this a few weeks ago, and I really think that life, and fortune made it really symbolic.

Amii Day 473, 14:30

nice article, in RL we are all friendly people and there's no reason not be.

Kadar A
Kadar A Day 473, 14:50

Zoli wasn't there ?

GabrielP Day 473, 14:51

JOS dsalageanu... down !

DonVitoPedjone Day 473, 15:04

Any peace talks? that should have been the first order of business.
A great initiative !

Misho Day 473, 15:23

*LOL* I remember my first IRL meeting with Flammbar, BetaMjau, Carradine and Cinc in Stockholm. I can tell you that they have other names IRL! :p

It was great fun and we have repeated it with more guys later, and more beers..

Nice to see Romanians and Hungarians speak to each other - great!

Misho, Minister of Defense, Sweden

Kape Day 473, 16:18

Wish that I could have been there also!

I've mentioned this before... "We are not enemies, we just support different teams."

Commander-in-chief, Sweden

GabrielP Day 473, 16:50

GAME OVER eRomania !!!! ... si D E M I S I A !!!!! [ JOS dsalageanu!... down ! ]

down with Misho... failure is the name of the last military operation

h143570 Day 473, 22:19

Finnaly. Congrats to both sides.

diu1so Day 474, 05:09

Sorry I wasn't there

MihneaS Day 474, 05:25

should have been there myself, i just have been busy that day. too bad i mist such an historical day. Congratulations!!
(thank you for the passport and t-shirt )

dorin4ever Day 474, 07:01

That's why we lost the war

SerenuS Day 474, 07:24

De ce nu comentam intr-un articol pe aceeasi tema facut deunul de ai nostri?Chiar asa de rau am ajuns?Sau sunt inca "pe tren"?

CPN Inc Day 474, 07:34

a fost misto, sper ca o sa mai mergem pe acolo:)

it was nice, hope we will go back sometimes:)


ManarD Day 474, 07:49

Yes, you must remember that we are all humans after all, despite our differences and maybe sometimes conflicting interests one thing unites us all and gives us purpose in life. You and us are normal people just trying to have something going in our lives, with the struggle and sometimes pain that comes with it, with the joys and sorrows. Overall, this is just a game, life and people are much more than that. Remember this, romanians and hungarians and don't let fear or anger take the best of you. Have fun in the game!

Bercu Vlahu
Bercu Vlahu Day 474, 10:26

post moar pictures!

Quicksilver Day 474, 12:41

I hope somebody will post some more pictures.

midsplidskin Day 474, 16:27

I will help my country as a true patriot.
Szolgálni fogom a hazámat mint egy igazi hazafi.
Voi servi Tara ca un patriot adevarat.

... több kéet kérlek benneteket....

dece Day 474, 23:12

Historical one!

taieFrunze Day 475, 05:09

nice thing. very nice!

ElTorque Day 475, 05:59

Pics or it didn't happen!

Bogdan Adamutz
Bogdan Adamutz Day 475, 08:31

Great meeting, and i hope too many more will come!

Quicksilver Day 475, 08:31

More pictures:

Shadow Figure
Shadow Figure Day 475, 10:26

Splendid article! Congratulations Quicksilver!

BigTati Day 475, 11:15

En Aradi vagyok. A kovetkezo kirandulasra akarok en is meni ! Eu sunt aradean. In urmatoarea drumetie vreau sa merg si eu !

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