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True meaning of AFA (the translation)

Day 1,785, 17:55 Published in USA USA by dlugadogoa
When I was in AFA...

(lets look at the translation of AFA)
...I felt the "Freedom". But its funny when you look up freedom in moral, ethics, and natural humans rights, there is NO "Freedom". "Freedom" is undefined. So, in translation it would be, the American _______ Alliance. Its hard for anyone to think of the true meaning of "Freedom". "Freedom" to some is not in slavery, and for others it's when their "roommates" gives them back their phone after a punishment. "Freedom" is undefined because know one knows exactly what it is. If anything, the word "Freedom" is just a political propaganda term to persuade the audiance into believing in something so unreal to any one. So far in the title now its, American Alliance. Now on to alliance. Alliances are just agreements that states they are on the same side. But they do not have to like each other. Lets look after WWII in RL. Who were in an alliance. After all that what happens next:

USA, Soviet Russia, And England: The Big Three


Cold War: USSR vs. USA

So look at that. I guess what is known as AFA is really just left with an A for America, But does America sponsor all these people in congress who really aren't Americans. I'm sure there is at least 2-3 congressmen who aren't true US citizens by heart. I leave off by saying AFA is nothing more than a ______, AFA is undefined just like freedom. I realize I too was pro AFA once, but now it is a regret that shall stay in my history till I delete it.


dlugadogoa Day 1,785, 17:55

AFA = ______ = nothing

chickensguys Day 1,785, 17:56

I think you are incorrect

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,785, 18:01

um, okay

Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Day 1,785, 18:06

Everybody makes mistakes, it's part of life and elife, only becomes a problem when you keep doing the same crazy shit over and over, expecting a different result, like Mr Nutbar above^^^

5440 Day 1,785, 18:11

mmm Mr Nutbar

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,785, 18:50

I like candy bars. I strongly dislike Agay.

dlugadogoa Day 1,785, 19:04

No one likes Agay

dlugadogoa Day 1,785, 19:04

Except of RGRs

pop George
pop George Day 1,785, 19:46

the ckickensguys wants to 69 with Ajay....

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,785, 19:51

Wait...weren't you just running for PP?

dlugadogoa Day 1,785, 20:03

I learned a valuable lesson and later during the campaigning I realized that AFA was USELESS

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,785, 20:46

Glad you see past the lies

Dbsndust Day 1,785, 20:52

List of Ronald Gipper Reagan's fans:
Ajay Bruno
Pizza The Hut
Pizza The Hut II
General Cartman Lee

That's about it.

dlugadogoa Day 1,785, 21:07

Yea not including the 3 newbs that don't know what their doing

Viarizi Day 1,786, 02:27


Once you were pro-AFA?

Try Yesteday!

So you wanted to be AFA PP yesterday but since your PM asking for votes didnt get the results you wanted today the AFA is a bad thing... So realizing that you turned against the AFA lolololol! Cry baby....

dlugadogoa Day 1,786, 04:32

No it happened when I was campaigning and I realize that the party in general was going no where. AFA would have been a waste because it is nothing good to anybody. Why are you still there? Cuz your butt buddy RGR is to busy kissin your @ss

Viarizi Day 1,786, 09:29

Cry baby...

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,786, 09:38


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,786, 09:38

Party President? You are a two week old player. What results do you expect? Trust is earned over time.

Norbengo Day 1,786, 14:43

thanks for showing your true colors, but we kinda knew them already ; )

Etirtus Day 1,786, 18:03

Dbsndust Day 1,785, 20:52

List of Ronald Gipper Reagan's fans:
Ajay Bruno
Pizza The Hut
Pizza The Hut II
General Cartman Lee

That's about it.


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