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Training Contracts,which should you sign. [EN]

Day 1,842, 09:59 Published in Germany Greece by MR11

Here is a table that explains the cost of every type of training and gold that you can save/lose with each of contracts:

The green numbers shows how much gold you will save, and red ones shows how much you can lose. Values are the same for every quality of training centers, because here we calculate the price of training and not profit.

Equation example for 50% discount contract:

59.4 -(59.4 *0.5+25)=4.7gold
this means that you will pay 4.7 gold less for 30 days of training.



Burakyzn Day 1,842, 10:56

v+s I need tank

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,842, 12:28

true that

omg_87 Day 1,843, 02:40

Full train > Full contract

CrawlTheWarrior Day 1,843, 10:36

For everybody who can't calculate by its own

Edna Uebel
Edna Uebel Day 1,843, 17:01


ich sollte mir ein tgl träning in 4 und 3 schenken : /

d 23
d 23 Day 1,845, 09:19

SUB for SUB...
sub. 736
vote 63

Media Mogul Medal Project 5

BBC Keeper
BBC Keeper Day 2,211, 14:53

v+s sehr brauchbarer artikel. weiter so

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