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Training Contract Calculation

Day 1,758, 09:15 Published in Australia Croatia by alimilano

If you use full Q3 training (Free + 0.19 + 1.49 + 1.79)

Usual costs: 30 x 3.47 = 104.1 gold
50% training contract: 30 x 1.735 = 52.05 gold + 30 gold = 82.05 gold (save 22.05 gold)
90% training contract: 30 x 0.347 = 10.41 gold + 65 gold = 75.41 gold (save 28.69 gold)

If you use Q3 training w/o 1.49 (Free + 0.19 + 1.79)

Usual costs: 30 x 1.98 = 59.4 gold
50% training contract: 30 x 0.99 = 29.7 gold + 30 gold = 59.7 gold (lose 0.3 gold)
90% training contract: 30 x 0.198 = 5.94 gold + 65 gold = 70.94 gold (lose 11.54 gold)

Conclusion: Sign training contract ONLY if you use full Q3 training.



supereviloverlord Day 1,758, 10:04

Yeah well if you have enough gold to buy such a contract you may as well just upgrade a training centre to Q3 (from Q2 to Q3 is a bit less than 30 with the 44% off).

LanyIsLost Day 1,758, 10:30

I'll keep plugging away at my snails pace and have no monetary regrets.

Lonely Fighter
Lonely Fighter Day 1,758, 21:19


Binda33 Day 1,759, 00:39

Thanks for the report.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,759, 00:47

Cheers ali. It would be nice if Plato actually EXPLAINED their changes for once rather than 'here's an update'.

venja Day 1,759, 03:11

Realistically, the only people that use 1.49g training are gold buyers.

For most of use, its way to extravagant with precious gold and we simply cannot earn enough from normal game play. The 1.79g represents much better value for money but is fairly much at the upper end of normal earning potential.

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