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Total conquest of France!!!

Day 2,005, 14:00 by Sky Ben

So, as you know, the eUS has been attacking France lately. And, as of now, the US has total conquest of France.

Something like that.
Anyways, I would like to know if it was a TW, revenge, or action against a enemy. In my opinion, it couldn't have been a TW, because the US was attacking the CAPITAL!!! So, that's all. And discuss if we should make a front into Middle Europe. Commander ** OUT.


Comments Day 2,005, 16:13

maybe join some irc channels, get some information on allainces n stuff!
frenchmen are more than happy that we get their resources instead of serbos.

Rona1d Day 2,005, 16:21

You didn't won any resource from Serbia, that war was a total failure from the beginning.

You only TO the free French instead of Aquitaine xD bunch of Failers Day 2,005, 18:03

Incorrect. Ofc every region provides cc, so we won nothing?

George Walker III
George Walker III Day 2,007, 17:31

I think we did it to keep it out of Polish Hands,lol

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