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The Singaporean Reform Party Food Bank

Day 2,014, 13:08 Published in Singapore United Kingdom by Ryan Taylor

The Singaporean Reform Party is glad to announce we're opening a Food Bank for our young party members.

To qualify to receive free food, you need to meet the following criteria:

Level 14 - 24
Play as much as possible
Member of the party.

That's all.

If your experience doesn't rise in a 48 hour period, you will be taken off the banks list. This may sound nasty, but it's entirely self funded by myself at the moment.

If you wish to donate to the bank (no matter what party you're from) please send me a message before donating food.

The bank accepts any and all qualities of food.

The Singaporean Reform Party, working together for a better Singapore.

Certain exceptions will be made regarding some members



Singapore Warrior
Singapore Warrior Day 2,015, 10:14

vote Day 2,016, 01:04

)) please, someone ban him.... and his clones

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Day 2,016, 02:05

Go to the staff yourself.

reezzz Day 2,016, 09:20

please, someone ban him.... and his clones

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Day 2,016, 02:06

Fact is, I was a eSG before you were born.

reezzz Day 2,016, 09:19

please, someone ban him.... and his clones

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Day 2,214, 04:58

bless you, you look such an idiot now

reezzz Day 2,016, 09:15

Comment deleted

reezzz Day 2,016, 09:18

Come one you turkz have no interest in helping e singaporeans just to lure them on your side

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Day 2,016, 09:33

I'm British.

reezzz Day 2,016, 09:36

and i am a prince

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Day 2,016, 09:41

What interest do you have in helping Singapore? You've taken away their democracy and PTO their parties! I've given them jobs, dirt cheap food, and an honest party.

Are you Singaporean? Nope. Any connections with Singapore? Very unlikely. Me? My grandad owns a hotel on Sentosa, my mum was born and raised there so just stop embarrassing yourself by claiming I'm a clone or whatever you keep calling. Don't you like opposition? It's called a DEMOCRACY.

reezzz Day 2,016, 09:46

please, someone ban him.... and his clones

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Day 2,016, 09:48

I'm going to have such a laugh when you realise how much of an idiot you've made yourself look!

I've taken the time to message over 50 Singaporean citizens, they've chosen to support me. They're not clones and I take it as a insult for you to insinuate that.

reezzz Day 2,016, 09:55

please, someone ban him.... and his clones i am tired of your lies

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Day 2,200, 16:22

And what an idiot you turned out to be.

Ryan Taylor Day 2,016, 09:24

Comment deleted

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