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The Media Mogul Medal Project - November

Day 1,815, 12:32 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by killer2001
New MMM Project version, It is the same than the old but with new form and new Spreadsheet!

MMM Project Source to publish it in your article, Free use
EVERYONE wants a Media Mogul!
And probably you too!
That's why I'm making the Media Mogul Medal Project again!

It's based in Mutual help and it's really easy!
The first thing you have to do, is complete this form
[Click here to see the form]
And then, you'll be signed here;
[Click here to see the spreadsheet]

You access to the spreadsheet, and then you subscribe everyone in the spreedsheet, and you send them a message writing your sub number. They will subscribe back to you.
This is obligatory! you have to subscribe to everyone or they wont subscribe to you!
Please, vote and share, as more people sees this, more subscribers you will get.

Frequently Asked Questions

*People that comes later will have to subscribe to more people?
+No, because people that came before will have to subscribe to them after they receive the message! Everyone gets the same number of subscribers for the same Subscribers sent!

*Should I shout the article?
Yes, the shouting text is:

NEW !! - Media Mogul Medal Project 4
Everyone can get a MMM easily, and for free!!

MMM Project Source to publish it in your article, Free use


HannyaTR Day 1,815, 13:30


Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,815, 14:15

when you get a media mogul medal are you going to quit?

because if you do my new name is going to look so dumb ;_;

5440 Day 1,815, 15:08

I had thought version 2 was you

AZULGRANACUERVO Day 1,815, 15:37

V 13 S 924




Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,815, 20:19

I'm adding them all as friends

we should start a party called killer2001 and an MU called killer2001

then every year all change our avatars to be the same and all run for party president and see what happens

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,815, 20:20

I mean every month

killer2001 Day 1,816, 04:23

Captain Kushskiller2001 +1

xenophob Day 1,816, 09:02


Need votes or SUBS? Try :>


marabou14 Day 1,817, 03:43


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