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The British Army Enlist Today

Day 1,914, 01:49 by Sir Winston S Churchill

Looking for a new unit ? Want Supplies ?

Want to join a very active unit and defend your country ?

Well look no further the British Army is for YOU !

Run by a British Commander we are the true British Army !

Come join me Sir Winston Churchill God of War * and help us create history !

Supplies handed out via the media , on our shout page or in commune work

If you are going to drop big damage upto 20 q7 a day given.

Our latest article

Support by New Era a true voice in UK politics

Join us today

"Let us move forwared Together"


sancteandrea Day 1,914, 02:03

Be The Best v2

hollenboer Day 1,914, 02:19

Be the best v3

KwokRocker Day 1,914, 02:21

Be The Best v4

Cbgd Day 1,914, 02:43

Be The Best v5

NT Games
NT Games Day 1,914, 03:02

Be the Best, gimme some sugar v6

TTXXX Day 1,914, 03:07

Be The Best v7

PaulMoadibe Day 1,914, 03:11

Be The Best v8

Isambard K. Brunel
Isambard K. Brunel Day 1,914, 03:37

Be The Best v9

Dr. Gustav Lauben
Dr. Gustav Lauben Day 1,914, 03:42

Be The Best v10

Morg00n Day 1,914, 03:55

Be The Bestv11

Jimbobfrey Day 1,914, 04:16

Be The Best v12

AtomicMau5 Day 1,914, 04:24

Be the best V13

Eddy Vuylsteke
Eddy Vuylsteke Day 1,914, 04:25

Be The BEST V7

Harry Paget Flashman
Harry Paget Flashman Day 1,914, 04:51

be the best 15

brian65 Day 1,914, 04:51

Be The Best v14

Mr.Calitis Day 1,914, 05:10

be the best V16

Nyug Day 1,914, 05:18

Be The Best v17

Thane Palludore
Thane Palludore Day 1,914, 05:33

Be The Best v19

AdmiralNelson Day 1,914, 05:34

Be The Best v18

North Scale
North Scale Day 1,914, 06:28

Be the bye Best v 21

Carnconnor Day 1,914, 07:14

Be The Best v22

You may call me V
You may call me V Day 1,914, 07:27


reti red
reti red Day 1,914, 07:37

Be The Best v23

Rakurules Day 1,914, 08:34

be the best v24

Billyscaff Day 1,914, 08:42

Be the best v25

Giordy River
Giordy River Day 1,914, 08:46

Be The Best v26

Bardokva Day 1,914, 09:15

Be The Best v27

Don Carrera
Don Carrera Day 1,914, 09:22

Be The Best v28

VorteX.MK Day 1,914, 09:41

Be The Best 29

JimmyMiller Day 1,914, 09:56

Be The Best v30

Aultman Day 1,914, 11:05

Be the Best v31

Annihilator999 Day 1,914, 11:08

Be The Best V32

AIM1 Day 1,914, 11:49

Be The Best V33

William Ross
William Ross Day 1,914, 12:34

Be The Best 35

Consett Ripper
Consett Ripper Day 1,914, 13:04

Be The Best v36

Caldista Day 1,914, 14:12

Be the best v3

Bad Carrot
Bad Carrot Day 1,914, 14:26

Be The Best v38

Louis Philippe
Louis Philippe Day 1,914, 16:53

Be The Best v40

Rugobert Day 1,915, 23:43

Be The Best v41

Derek Gladstone
Derek Gladstone Day 1,915, 00:56

Be the Best v42

Beagle Boy
Beagle Boy Day 1,915, 01:23

Be the Best v43

GNimmo Day 1,915, 02:30

Be the Best v44

alan warwickshire
alan warwickshire Day 1,915, 02:47

Be The Best v45

sickseptor Day 1,915, 03:42

Be The Best v46

gzvp Day 1,915, 04:11

Be The Best v47

Alphabethis Day 1,915, 04:47

Be The Best v48

You may call me V
You may call me V Day 1,915, 16:51


ARIEL LUPPO Day 1,916, 04:56

Be The Best v49

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