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Some Incredible Photos From History

Day 1,908, 06:30 Published in New Zealand Chile by Tabithi

Last four couples standing in a Chicago dance marathon. ca. 1930.

Three Princeton students pose after the Freshman, Sophomore snowball fight. 1893. Princeton, NJ.

"Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers." After realizing a woman was running Boston marathon organizer Jock Semple went after Kathrine Switzer. Other runners blocked him and she went on to finish the race. 1967.

The only known photograph of an African American Union soldier with his family. c1863-65

Russian peasants getting electricity for the first time in 1920

Johnny Cash performing for prisoners at Folsom Prison – Jan. 13th 1968

Cow shoes used by Moonshiners in the Prohibition days to disguise their footprints, 1922

"The Long Walk" British Army EOD Tech approaches a suspect device – Date Unknown

Tereska, a child in a residence for disturbed children, grew up in a concentration camp. She drew a picture of "home" on the blackboard, Poland, 1948

A Native American looks down at a newly-completed section of the transcontinental railroad. Nevada, about 1868

Microsoft staff photo from December 7, 1978

Jewish refugees, approaching allied soldiers, become aware that they have just been liberated, April, 1945

New York man reads a newspaper, headline reads "Nazi Army Now 75 Miles From Paris." May 18, 1940

Three archers, Japan, ca.1860-1900

The earliest known photograph of men drinking beer. Edinburgh Ale, 1844

Alerted by the smell of a broken bottle of liquor, Federal Agents inspect a "lumber truck". Los Angeles, 1926

Martin Luther King Jr removing a burned cross from his front yard with his son at his side. Atlanta Ga 1960

A Japanese family returning home (Seattle, Washington) from a relocation center camp in Hunt, Idaho on May 10, 1945

9 kings featured in one photo (Windsor Castle, 20 May 1910)

Louis Armstrong plays for his wife in front of the Sphinx by the pyramids in Giza, 1961

The headquarters of Benito Mussolini and the Italian Fascist party in Italy, 1934

The Kennedy trio in the mid 30s as teenagers; John, Bobby and Teddy

The first official riders in New York City's first subway, 1904



Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 1,908, 06:32


Si Barda
Si Barda Day 1,908, 06:32


Si Barda
Si Barda Day 1,908, 06:33

oh no, keduaxxxxx xDDD

atommix Day 1,908, 06:42


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,908, 11:47

Great stuff

Lime Parkour Flow
Lime Parkour Flow Day 1,908, 19:23

Amazing! Keep up the great work!
Subed and Voted :]

BugsBunnyz Day 1,908, 20:14


Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,909, 14:00

I love this article, great photos.

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