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Serbia attacked Slavonia, Croatia 43 minutes ago

Day 1,519, 01:19 Published in Croatia Croatia by AlenJax

Slavonia was conquered by Resistance force of Croatia in the war versus Serbia
5 hours ago

Serbia attacked Slavonia, Croatia 43 minutes ago

aloo komšije 6p€?, šta se primate na Slavoniju toliko???
jel ima nešto što neznam??;)

jel znate onu staru??
Oj Slavonijo,ko mi krene na te,sa Kariba pucat će granate;)



Cukrov Day 1,519, 01:45

vote, sub imaš već

Dryblas Day 1,519, 01:55

Xalorx is not a POW member anymore. He's now in Husaria.

Zielarz Day 1,519, 02:46

I am new member of POW instead

funky_ribar Day 1,519, 02:59


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