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SCAMMERS explained!!!

Day 1,694, 04:38 by Mongis

I decided to write an article adressed to people, who really plays game fairly and do not want to be scammed by some unfair players. I know some who gone to bancrupcy trusting people here around.

I was scammed two times and more then 10 scams was unsuccessful. Fortunately, i was enough smart to not give all money we talked about :D

The talk will be mostly about market and monetary market!

How scammers act like.

1. They shout proposals with very cheap stuff or very hot deals.
2. They spam IRC channels or catch players there, who is seeking for almost free stuff.
3. They never send you stuff and money first.
4. They never give screen shots of storage. Most sophisticated scammers can photoshop this.
5. They can mention cool erepublik players in chat, whom they do not even know
6. This, that potential scammer is in your friends list - does not means that you can be sure about deal. This was the reason i was scammed second time ;)
7. They will tell you what you want to heard, even can send some weird screen shoots, with no erepublik nickname there and day number.


What we can do about this!

1. Go to IRC channel #itrade and check scammers list. It is up to date.
2. Ask to give you proof about atorage or money
3. Divide your deal to smaller ones
4. Do not believe in weird screen shots about not receiving money or stuff. Check, if your money or stuff gone from storage - then it is received by recipient. DO NOT MAKE DONATION SECOND TIME!
5. Do not believe in unofficial laws "money first - goods after" or vice versa
6. Make donation screen shot.
7. At last write ticket to admins and wait the answer.

If you wrote a ticket and received this answer:

Thank you for your report!
We have checked this issue and found nothing wrong.
The citizen "xxxx" received your donation.

The eRepublik Team



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Best of luck,



cenodekaMKD Day 1,694, 04:41

v 1st

cenodekaMKD Day 1,694, 04:42

Macedonians- the best scrammers

Rolandas_M Day 1,694, 04:47


Annihilator10 Day 1,694, 04:47

Excellent! Voted

draivis Day 1,694, 04:51

u can add those two also:

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,694, 04:55


They're also a couple of macedonians i have met who go into battles and send the person leading the damage a PM. It tells them that unless they hand over 2 gold they will take their BH medal away. Pure b*llshit. My mate had it done to him and PM'd the CP who was in the same party as this scum...nothing was done to my knowledge despite my mate sending him a screenshot. Nice morals that they want people like that in their parties.

Attila26 Day 1,694, 04:57


Kuulfeis Day 1,694, 04:58

+ Volkencvc

Volcker Day 1,694, 05:01

Add "Kallespann" to your list, he is a famous Swedish scammer.

WoIverine Day 1,694, 05:06

baxul? : O no way

Kuulfeis Day 1,694, 05:12

btw don`t bother writing a ticket. They`ll just say it`s your fault..

screen from ticket :
screen from scam conversation :

nasseria Day 1,694, 05:18

u can add this fu... man

oboj Day 1,694, 05:25


gringo boy Day 1,694, 05:31

Comment deleted

Marcomannius Day 1,694, 05:31

Add another one, name is Kamenkovski. he holds Macedonian citizenship, before that he held USA citizenship.

He scammed for citizenship applications as well.


Dreamchaser Day 1,694, 05:35


Doctor  Faust
Doctor Faust Day 1,694, 05:45

V & S

zeibis89 Day 1,694, 05:51

Vai tad eRepā izsenis nebija tāds likums, vispirms nauda un pēc tam prece?

Strate777 Day 1,694, 05:54

selling q3 for 25 cc, money first))

Stileth Day 1,694, 06:03

Always use #iTrade channel and check if the seller have voice and above status. Don't trade within game unless you really know the person. Will save yourself lot of troubles and money.

Kuulfeis Day 1,694, 06:15

zeibi, izskatās, ka es to zināju?

Pety Day 1,694, 06:18

best scammers r inci members
and if u r on itrade always check scammer list and/or ask money/products 1st, unless u r trading with a voice or better...

Majbus Day 1,694, 07:18


Thor III
Thor III Day 1,694, 07:24

voted hard!

If you want to trade go to #iTrade on rizon and make business with people with voice, hop, op ;] and always, AWAYS check scammer list.

PS. Macedonian T REX is so funny He tried to cheat me too, he was saying that he changed .. ;p

b0bE Day 1,694, 07:29


HSpositive Day 1,694, 07:36

Man ar vienreiz gadījies 3arpus tūkstošus pakāst.
Diemžēl screenshots nav garantija, ka preci dabūsi. -.-

Madame Whiplash
Madame Whiplash Day 1,694, 07:38

Explained? I think it should be "exposed" ^^
Voted anyway.

KutlukBilgeKulKagan Day 1,694, 11:34

Bi soran da yok niye bizimkiler tokat yapar diye. Niye? Fakirlikten tabi.

JankaSirmais Day 1,695, 03:53

to make sure guy have a goods to sell, you can ask him to put it on market so you can see it, though it wont guarantee he will transfer them to you

Lord Reincarnate
Lord Reincarnate Day 1,695, 06:18

just dont trade with anyone that isnt voice on #iTrade or use someone with voice on #iTrade as a middleman. why risk losing money for such a small gain?

Marathir Day 1,695, 07:48

Well seeing the list is this long it must be a play style allowed by the admins.
This means we need to do something about this ourselves.

Tar&feathers anyone? I'll bring the torches. Now only someone with a hayfork...

DK UA Day 1,695, 21:51

Moscow sightseeing ) english version added or Москві з любов"ю )

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