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Scammer don't hide yourself!!!

Day 2,044, 09:34 Published in Turkey Italy by millyi
Think he closed this acc now and move all to another one and keep cheating, so be careful...

(new face the same stuff)
seems to be the same person behind this nick
Alexander of Babylon
Back from Valhalla (the former norwegian CP ..who stole their treasury)
and who knows other nicks
so a famous cheater ...

And now with a new tag

Hi to all. Now the game is full of scammers, where you don't go. Today a friend of mine, Linxys, was scammered. ( She is a young eItalian player, so not much would see her article, so here we are ... )
An hour ago i saw this post

(click on to see the post)

Sono stata derubata di migliaia di itl da uno scammer...:( Se qualcuno si sentisse buono e volesse donarmi qualcosa gli/le sarei molto grata...
(translate: i was robbed for thousands of ITL by a scammer. If someone feels good himself and wants to donate me something i will be very grateful..)
i asked if she has some screens ...
here is her answer and screens...

Linxys ho gli screen della chat... Dalmatae... Ora segnalato come scammer in iTrade dopo che oggi pomeriggio ci ha fregati in molti... Si è preso praticamente tutto ciò che avevo...
(translate: Linxys i have screens from a chat... Dalmatae... now i have reported him in iTrade after he scammered a lot of us today afternoon... He took all i had...)

here is his link the same from the screen...

And here is millyi that gives a possibility to a bad guy to make a good one :D

Ah and i was waiting for him in a chan but he didn't come, he doesn't like me :D

Have a look on both IP and the one from Linxys' screen :D

Ok you can say 3k cc is not so much but for a little player is a big money...

Take care of scammers, all i'm asking you to do is to shout this article, and if you can help send something to Linxys, she is a good one :P

PS ah he has a good quote in his profile:
"It is only a game. Respect each other. Help the community. Protect the e-kids."

lol :D


new inf: scammer level 80
selling of a cs is another scam, you will wait for it a long long time


The reason why i like this game, that there are people that even don't know each other but are ready to help!!!
Nicks of people that helped Linxys are in her article


for shout:




Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 2,044, 09:38


Apostol Mao
Apostol Mao Day 2,046, 07:13


millyi Day 2,046, 08:48

don't know how, bt your comment is always the first one
are you human?

Stealth Line
Stealth Line Day 2,055, 11:38

user script as a bot hahaha

MasterAlchemist Day 2,044, 09:39


kedi kesen satanist fare
kedi kesen satanist fare Day 2,044, 10:08

yok pirinç xd yabancı qanqi bu xd

mason YCK92
mason YCK92 Day 2,044, 13:11

sicerim alert xdxd

MasterAlchemist Day 2,044, 13:14

biliyorum öğreniyor ama Day 2,045, 10:12


akcadag45 Day 2,044, 09:39

i hate scammers

Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire Day 2,044, 13:51

why they donate me money and after ask it back ?

millyi Day 2,044, 14:03

hello my dear
what made you to change the idea and to post sceens?

just be proud of yourself

ll Lettu ll
ll Lettu ll Day 2,045, 17:58 << my friends Nurul Fatiha get scammed too.

T Cherub
T Cherub Day 2,045, 23:41

Why you need more money, given all the money you stole from Norway just a couple of months ago:

Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire Day 2,046, 03:41

I did not stole anything from Norway man !!!

akcadag45 Day 2,046, 03:43

my friend behzat scammed too

Akashaton Day 2,046, 04:57

You emptied the Norwegian treasury Back from Valhalla,
more then 1000000cc, and you know it!! You Scum!!!

Losto Day 2,044, 09:43


zeka2501 Day 2,044, 09:46

it's not all...
He CS dealer too!!! xDDDDDDD

millyi Day 2,044, 09:48

zeka can i add your screen to the article??

zeka2501 Day 2,044, 09:52

it's not my... but if u send me 100cc sure why not xDDD

millyi Day 2,044, 09:54

uhm ok i won't, maybe the second person of that pm wouldn't like to be this pm published : P

zeka2501 Day 2,044, 10:03

if that 2nd person wouldn't like to be published:
1. that person wouldn't deleted nick from pm
2. u can publish only Dalmatea message
3. already's in public
4. where's my 100cc -.-

zeka2501 Day 2,044, 10:47

where's my CS... xDDDDDDDDDD

millyi Day 2,044, 10:55

lol it becomes more and more interesting : D

zeka2501 Day 2,044, 10:58

aren't u in 2-click mod??? -.-

millyi Day 2,044, 10:59

i am
i'm gone ...

millyi Day 2,044, 10:06

You have successfully donated 100 TRY. If the user accepts, the amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.

zeka2501 Day 2,044, 10:23

u're so generous ^.^ i hate u

FAF Barney Stinson
FAF Barney Stinson Day 2,044, 10:49

He was formerly Back from Valhalla and he stole thousands from Norway

icona Day 2,044, 09:47

farò il massimo per aiutare linxys

queondaestooo Day 2,044, 09:51

The funny part (if there is one) is what Dalmatae wrote in his/her profile


Stefan Salvat0re
Stefan Salvat0re Day 2,044, 09:53


SpikyJade2700 Day 2,044, 09:53

If you don't know, he stole 0.5M from Norway's bank

T Cherub
T Cherub Day 2,045, 23:35

I think it was more like 1.2 mill NOK - more than 4000 Gold at the time. A 3-4 year investment for Norwy he called it. If that isn't lying - then I don't know what is....

T Cherub
T Cherub Day 2,045, 23:41

Here is the screenshot he shared at the time:

D.AMBRIZZI Day 2,044, 09:56

maybe is a time to the Admins do something to defend the welfare of teyr costumers? some minutes ago I received an link where was ofered some Q7 for an vote and subs... and there asked for login.. but I was already logged.. so I understand that was for steal the PW.. so take carefull guys...

millyi Day 2,044, 09:58

yep controll well if the opened link starts with
and not some erepubilk or some others...

D.AMBRIZZI Day 2,044, 10:07

just dont login with any link... when you want to login you write and then if the link is not a scarm you will be logated already...

T Cherub
T Cherub Day 2,045, 23:36

Not going to happen...

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,044, 09:59 many scammers and yet you humans still send money first....

Unless is seller someone you know good and for a long time NEVER SEND MONEY FIRST!

Forget trusting and beliving players are honourable in this game and became paranoid bastard.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,044, 10:00

And this is what you should teach every new player in this game...

fredrikz Day 2,045, 10:39

And when people say, hey I am selling q7 for 5 CC. Don't believe them.. I am buying big quotas and I had a dude who wanted to sell me 10 000 q7 for 5cc each. Only thing I needed to do was to send money first, haha:P Good thing am a skilled trader:P

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,045, 11:13

I am sure he was an honest scammer and wouls send you 100 Q1 wepps for those 50 000 cc...

Crossover MC
Crossover MC Day 2,044, 10:05

You have successfully donated 4 Gold. If the user accepts, the amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.
Have fun

millyi Day 2,044, 10:09


kedi kesen satanist fare
kedi kesen satanist fare Day 2,044, 10:05

benim dişi faremi mi çarpmış la hele bi diyin? adresini bulur döverim ulan ben

MasterAlchemist Day 2,044, 13:22

yoh, bi gız arkadaşını çarpmışlar

kedi kesen satanist fare
kedi kesen satanist fare Day 2,044, 13:31

tamam qanqi

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,044, 10:07


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