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Rodjendan (Brithday)

Day 1,824, 07:05 by BosnianAgent47

Prvi rođendan na erepu ću imati za nekih 12 dana. Pa u znak proslave od danas pa do tog dana tačnije u 00:00h 29.11. ko udari vote i sub, te napiše broj v+s dobija poklon večeru od 500 energy. Znam da je nestašica i velika potražnja za tenkovima pa ću iako jako skromno dati svima 2q6 tenkića ili 1q7 tenkić.
Za q6 tenkiće u komentar pored broja v+s upišite:
"Srećan rođendan"
Ako ste ipak za jedan ali vrijedan q7 tenkić:
"Srećan ti rođendan"
Naravno pošto mi je tada erep rođendan očekujem poklone :)
Ja vas častim vi meni poklon :P

My first birthday on erep is on 29.11. So I wanna celebrate with all you guys.
Who put number of vote and number of sub in comment get 500 energy. And I also know that there is a lot of guys who need tank so I will give 2 q6 tank or 1 q7 tank, it's your choice.
If you wanna 2 q6 tank's in comment with numer of vote and sub write:
"Srećan rođendan"
And if you wanna q7 tank write:
"Srećan ti rođendan"
And last but not least it's my birthday so I will accept any kind of gifts.
Best regards guys.
You can also shout:
"Happy eBirthday to BosnianAgent47"


winnet0u has transfered 1 Gold to your account.


amazziNg Day 1,824, 07:17

v1 s94 Srećan rođendan

pantod Day 1,824, 07:17

v2 s95
"Srećan ti rođendan"

BosnianAgent47 Day 1,824, 07:40

amazziNg i pantod dobili svoje

kronos777 Day 1,824, 07:41

3/95 Srećan ti rođendan!

Zcuta Day 1,824, 08:21

v5 old sub Srećan ti rođendan please

BosnianAgent47 Day 1,824, 08:30

kronos777 i Zcuta Checked!

winnet0u Day 1,824, 08:31

Sretan Rodjendan!

Imas od mene jedan mali poklon

You have successfully donated 1 Gold. This amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.

BosnianAgent47 Day 1,824, 08:32

Hvala brate hašišarski

HusagaBiH Day 1,824, 08:33

V 7 S odprije"Srećan ti rođendan"

Khronos W
Khronos W Day 1,824, 08:51

v8 S97 and "Srećan rođendan" thanks

BosnianAgent47 Day 1,824, 08:53

HusagaBiH, Khronos W checked!

tte. spears
tte. spears Day 1,824, 08:53

v9 S98and "Srećan rođendan" thanks

Hattrickero97 Day 1,824, 08:57

V10 S99 "Srećan ti rođendan"

BosnianAgent47 Day 1,824, 09:02

tte. spears and Hattickero97 checked!

jhonblack69 Day 1,824, 09:17

v12 s100 Srećan rođendan

BosnianAgent47 Day 1,824, 09:47

jhonblack69 checked

Allayne Day 1,824, 10:19

v12 s101

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,824, 10:33

Happy Birthday

Voted & Subscribed

Keep your stuff

T0413 Day 1,824, 10:36

v15 s103 "Srećan ti rođendan"

BosnianAgent47 Day 1,824, 10:39

Allayne you got only food
Quilterrier checked
Ronald Gipper Reagan Thank you very much

Sweexx98 Day 1,824, 12:43

v16 s104

Sretan rodjendan

damir zlaTu
damir zlaTu Day 1,824, 13:45

v17. sub od prije srecan rodjendan / srecan ti rodjendan : P

Bosnian.Fighter Day 1,824, 14:25

v18 sub imas od prije
srecan ti rodjendan

envlery Day 1,824, 15:29

v19,s104 Srećan ti rodjendan

BosnianAgent47 Day 1,825, 23:54

damir zlaTu, glupani i envlery Sređeno

Nedo bog bana 2 acc
Nedo bog bana 2 acc Day 1,825, 17:16

Srećan ti rođendan v21 sub od iha haj

ClioPilot Day 1,826, 03:51

zar ti vec ima godina?! u jbt sto smo ostarili. cestitam

SabatonBIH Day 1,826, 05:33

Srećan ti rođendan

BosnianAgent47 Day 1,826, 07:37

Ostarilo se puno
Hvala Clio

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