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Remember, remember, the V of November

Day 1,810, 16:20 Published in USA Serbia by Hostilian

Peace is a lie, there is only passion!

Have fun, meet new people, die trying.



Admiral Yamamoto
Admiral Yamamoto Day 1,810, 16:37

The Force shall free me : 3

Za neveru okacio sam govor V na jednom lepom kanalu ovo pre neki dan x)

YoSoyMoai Day 1,810, 17:40

negde cuh da masoni ili tako neko stoji iza filma
onda sam ga odgledao jos jednom i deluje mi da jeste namenski
nekako mi to vise nije to

ali i dalje mi se svidja mr creedy

Vojvoda Prijezda
Vojvoda Prijezda Day 1,810, 19:33

The gunpowder treason and plot...

Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Day 1,810, 19:41


The Other One
The Other One Day 1,810, 21:44


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