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Q4 Forever!

Day 1,773, 06:50 Published in Latvia Latvia by arnisar

Uzmaniibu ir updeitots eRep tools ar peedeejaam izmainjaam trenninjos!
eRepublik training cost calculator
NU jau peec pashiem pashiem peedeejiem updeitiem seko:


Q4/Q4/x/x = Monthly income 13.384 gold (SS medal every:7.86 days)

Letaakais ar lielaako streinght:
Q4/Q4/Q4/x = Monthly cost 1.344 gold (SS medal every:4.83 days)

Videeji dargais:
Q4/Q4/x/Q4 = Monthly cost 16.297 gold (SS medal every:3.48 days)

Q4/Q4/Q4/Q4 = Monthly cost 30.953 gold (SS medal every:2.72 days)

Nu ko gaidam naakamos Q5 Q6 un Q7 upgreidus!

Shout:Q4 Forever!


durklis Day 1,773, 10:03

Pēc šādiem "uzlabojumiem" gribas pamest spēli.

draivis Day 1,773, 10:33

gribu q5 !!!

arnisar Day 1,773, 12:39

jaa ar Q5 vareetu buut arii treshais trenninjsh plusos
tikai tas upgreids gan daargi maksaas 112 par katru tg...

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