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Project Test Media Mogul

Day 1,884, 19:14 Published in Australia Australia by Martin von Anhalt

I'm trying to follow the project and see how this works.
I wish everyone luck and will subscribe in his newspaper too.

Have fun eRepublicans !



larrasian Day 1,884, 19:25

v2 sub old

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,885, 06:11

Where did you come from Martin?

Martin von Anhalt
Martin von Anhalt Day 1,885, 08:02

Germany and went to Australia.

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,886, 05:51

Is it true you just started in December? Or are you a returning player with a new account?

Martin von Anhalt
Martin von Anhalt Day 1,887, 14:44

New account but very active I normaly use 4 x 500 energy a day and always hit with q6 or q7 weapons.

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