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President and Cabinet

Day 1,516, 01:54 by abdullah australi

Hi all, unfortunately our Minister of Information has been indisposed and unable to publish the government announcements to date, so this is a brief article announcing my cabinet team.

President: abdullah australi

Vice Presidents: I-G-D and Wars 7

Mo Foreign Affairs: I-G-D
Deputy MoFA: Agabey

Mo Defence: Wars 7

Mo Economic Development: PrinceofOcean
Deputy MoED and Treasurer: Voice

Mo Information: abu shaig

Grand Mufti: Agabey

feel free to contact myself or relevant ministers for any queries.



Ahmed AE
Ahmed AE Day 1,516, 01:57


Noveras Day 1,516, 02:04


marwan5577 Day 1,516, 02:16


Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia Day 1,516, 04:33

Diarrhea mumkin?

voice Day 1,516, 05:31


Khaled Ibrahim
Khaled Ibrahim Day 1,516, 09:41

Good Luck

PrinceOfOcean Day 1,516, 13:50


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