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Plato gives +60% damage and everyone goes mad

Day 2,230, 06:15 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

Quo vadis Plato?


Kanduin Day 2,230, 06:22


Everyone receives 60% more = Nobody receives 60% more.

Zordacz Day 2,230, 06:23

Kaj leziesz, Plato?

kuckuck Day 2,230, 06:24


tuxedoo Day 2,230, 06:52

zastanawiam sie jak wielu debili jeszcze placi Platwusowi za te farse

Pickn Day 2,230, 06:58

Casually this week I'm holding fire....

Rexdeus Day 2,230, 10:55

Wtf, I am taking a break

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 2,230, 11:05

Done bating?

Niffobti Day 2,230, 16:49

I think it is to 'motivte' ppl to not take time away from the game. If you miss out on a week of play ... And if ypu vare about rankng and stuff ... You will have to invest a lot of RL money to carch up again. Always only about money for platom

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 2,230, 19:30

They are a running a business. Think we are just the fodder.

Kursad TURK
Kursad TURK Day 2,230, 20:34


Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Day 2,230, 22:23

I have the weirdest boner right now.

Poncho Warrior
Poncho Warrior Day 2,232, 23:03


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