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New Player Sustainability Guide

Day 1,902, 09:01 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Srotzky

Hello readers,

This is my first article under the employment of Srotzky, today I an writing a guide on how new players to the game can become sustainable.

When a player joins this game, it is very easy for them to level up, they might even get a few battle hero’s. By the end of their first day they could probably accumulate maybe about 20 gold. (Working on he bases that they use up the energy bars they are given.)

There is a range of things that players can spend their gold on:
• Newspapers
• Energy bars
• Spend gold to train
• Upgrade their training
• Buy health packs
• Buy a weapons factory
• Upgrade their food factory
• Or, in the long term, with a few months of saving, start their own military unit or political party.
(There are also other things that can be done with gold apart from these.)

It may be tempting to blow all of your gold in a day, but it may be more worthwhile and sustainable to save it.

Once you have 11 gold, you will be able to get Q2 training for your free training ground, with a -44% offer. Once you have done this you will be able to get super soldier medal more quickly, and therefore, more gold. After this, I advise you to save up 36 gold to upgrade it to Q3, providing you with more gold quicker once again. After a few months you will save up quite a bit of gold, once you have 55 you will be able to max out your first training ground, provided that there is an offer, to Q4.
With this, and you training every day, you will get about 13.08 gold a month (statistics from

However, why stop there?
As you may notice, there is also a training ground that provides 2.5 strength for 0.19 gold. Once this is at Q4, see above for figures, you will get a super soldier every 7.86 days and make a monthly profit of 13.38 gold!

When it comes to weapons, it is not worth players producing Q1 weapons; it is much better for them to join an organisation that provides weapons through schemes. I want this to be an un-biased article, and will therefore not directly promote my unit or party.
Here is a list of organisations that provide weapons:
• One Vision
• Royal Navy
• The Legion
• TUP family

When it comes to food, new players can sign up to the NHS scheme that will provide players with free food. Apply here.

Thanks for reading guys!

Write for the UK Global.

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