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New Map

Day 1,897, 12:20 Published in Canada Malaysia by panzer1990panzer
Hopefully a new Economic Module next?

Anyways this map looks pretty good, plenty of data presented very quickly. How long ago a province was liberated, economic bonuses and values, party info. Its basically everything you can find on the country screen in an info graphic form. Also the only reason it looks cluttered is because I opened all the pop ups I could within the map so that you can see whats in there. Your able to close most of those.



crisfire Day 1,897, 13:16

Nice eye candy

Now I hope they devote some time into the economy and making the game a wee bit more interesting

Alexandrin Day 1,897, 13:37

voted !

TheBurningMan Day 1,897, 15:39

Now I hope they devote some time into the economy and making the game a wee bit more interesting x2

Pants Magee
Pants Magee Day 1,898, 06:43

Silly Map projections. Greenland is NOT as large as Canada. But I suppose you have to use an equatorial projection when do the whole world if you son't account for it being round.

P. Magee

Pedro215 Day 1,898, 11:26

We will it be available for everyone?

Maxwell Wolf
Maxwell Wolf Day 1,898, 22:28


panzer1990panzer Day 1,898, 22:48

They said they will be rolling it out to others slowly. They dident give a specific date in the message they sent out

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