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New map project for me

Day 1,896, 02:24 Published in Poland Hungary by dnbsoIdiers

Kéne 1000 sub, hogy láthassam az új térképet. Most 989 van, tehát nem kell sok.
Nyomjátok a gombot, mert nagyon fontos.
Itt egy kis ösztönző:

I need 1000 subs (I have 989) that I see the new map.
Pls push the button. Very important!
here's some incentive:

Megvan az 1000 sub de nem látom a térképet. búza adminok.
Thanks to everyone. I have 1000+ subs but i don't see the new map. Bad admins.



x d x m
x d x m Day 1,896, 02:33


kesanligarf Day 1,896, 02:33

pirinç oç

Phantom MKD
Phantom MKD Day 1,896, 02:33


Branko C
Branko C Day 1,896, 02:37

Поделба за ММ
sub and pm me so i can sub you

JovicaSM Day 1,896, 03:30


The.Lord.Iran Day 1,896, 04:17


DoomyB0y Day 1,896, 04:19

minek kell hozzá 1000 sub?

karaj22 Day 1,896, 04:47


PanJaugien Day 1,896, 05:15

ez kurvara osztonzo:D

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 1,896, 07:29

legyél mu leader, én is kipróbálhatom lol

Thor III
Thor III Day 1,896, 11:55

wait for it

Thor III
Thor III Day 1,896, 12:26

I think that you need to have 3MM to get access to map ;]

dnbsoIdiers Day 1,896, 12:47

its only 1991 subs.
sub sub sub sub push push push

HUpakolas Day 3,003, 00:28

Its gay.

None Day 1,897, 03:11

You bring the crimes and heads of conquered kings to my city steps, you insult my country, you threaten our people with puppets and wipe! Oh i have chosen my words carefully Poland, maybe you should have done the same.

This is ASGARD!

Hail Asgard! o/
Bring it on, Poland!

PagoBG Day 1,897, 15:15


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