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My Platform for the Dignity Brigade-Political Faction's Party Presidency

Day 1,819, 00:39 by Claudio KiIgannon

seriously, vote4me.



Wilpanzer Day 1,819, 00:52


Luna Tic Moonfang
Luna Tic Moonfang Day 1,819, 00:55

at least he's not talking kak in there.

voted hard

WastelandENT Day 1,819, 00:59

haha that is great!

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,819, 01:07

Will do!

Vanessa1309 Day 1,819, 02:12

Voted, good luck!

Wacky368 Day 1,819, 04:32

Will do!

AdUnit Day 1,819, 08:51

It's going to be a close race.... Every vote counts

S.N.A.F.U Day 1,819, 13:02

Works for me!

Claudio KiIgannon
Claudio KiIgannon Day 1,820, 00:05

I'll probably vote for this chump

kuckuck Day 1,820, 02:31

Good luck!

kiwifire1 Day 1,820, 15:00

He's too sexy not to vote for NRL.

Jizzie McGuire
Jizzie McGuire Day 1,821, 08:37

You won me over.

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