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My efforts for Paraguay

Day 2,428, 21:06 Published in Paraguay Paraguay by Marko MK

After 2 hardcore tournaments in a row,where in the one i did everything to help eParaguay and all my friends here who respect me,love you all <3

Just want to say that after this day i hit the ground,bang bang..Pluto shot me down..
This is the picture of my situation (at Day 2,428 21:01 eR time)

And want to add that for the first challenge i dissolved 2 q7 companies,and my friends from TNT donated to me everything they could help with.Q7 weps,food,gold,cc... I use this article also to thank to all members from TNT \o/

Im gonna lay low to make some money for some time,hope you will understand that. (going to 10/10 resource country)

See you all for the next big tournament.

United for Paraguay \o/



Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,428, 21:09

Hope you had fun!

Marko MK
Marko MK Day 2,428, 21:16

Damn i had fun
It's boring with having +200 virtual gold and doing nothing
It's shitty economy anyway xD

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,428, 21:17

100% in agreement.
If we all spend everything we've got, the game will be over. hehehe!

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,428, 21:09


don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,428, 21:10


Marko, mi hermana es tuya!!!

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,428, 21:11

you'll never leave Paraguay, that little flag under your avatar may change, but Paraguay is already in your eBlood

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,428, 21:13

super fail
Pero te la dejo para que veas que soy buena.

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,428, 21:13

y no andes regalando a tu hermana! No es tuya.

Marko MK
Marko MK Day 2,428, 21:15

Totally agree with you I will always be eParaguayan

Miguel Chamorro
Miguel Chamorro Day 2,428, 21:11

sub pole

Obiwan Kenobi 01
Obiwan Kenobi 01 Day 2,428, 21:20

Thanks Marko!

Great player and great friend!

See You in batlefield!

franciscoagus Day 2,428, 21:25

Voted o/

Niemand Day 2,428, 21:25

You deserve a rest 24/7 with 10/10.

AlexFran Day 2,428, 21:42

Las palabras nunca alcanzarán para agradecer tu incondicional entrega a nuestro querido eParaguay

Grande Marko!! Gigante !! Esta es y será tu eCasa 4ever & ever

\m/ (you know what this means )

VelAco Day 2,428, 23:19

you should say: "My efforts only for ME..."

Marko MK
Marko MK Day 2,428, 23:23

you should stick to your dirty mercenary money

VelAco Day 2,428, 23:29

xD xD xD

Dark Swordsman
Dark Swordsman Day 2,429, 02:15

You are so SO big Marko, we'll never be able to thank you everything you did for us.

Ibarrai Day 2,429, 04:23

Thanks for everything Marko!!! o/

NO CARRIER Day 2,429, 05:17


Tavopy Day 2,429, 05:26

Thank you for all! Voted!

Tavopy Day 2,429, 07:01

ePoor? :okay: We are two...

Gelisima Day 2,429, 08:40

Thanks Marko for everything.

I'm wating for your blog

Remember "We are TNT, we blow your wall"

Ibarrai Day 2,429, 09:14

Geli!!! Hola!

Gelisima Day 2,429, 09:37

Hola Ibarrai!!!!!

Davorsk8 Day 2,429, 12:35

attention whore detected


покажи на монетарен пазар колку имаш педеру

FreeGigi Day 2,430, 14:36

You suck more then i do xD

melga Day 2,430, 15:49

It's a close call.

davoritos Day 2,468, 18:53


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