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Mr. CP, what the heaven is that?!? [Republished]+Important update

Day 1,674, 06:58 Published in Romania Portugal by MEK Karasu
Române, dă click pe imagine, și ia aminte.

Să ne amintim cu mândrie despre asta, cu toții deopotrivă.
Respect Nemesis!

Hey folks, here's my first article, republished after deletion and FP, now in a censored form. Sorry for that :/

Hello people!

Well, I was thinking for quite a long time about creating a newspaper. But still hadn't found the "key" to my debut in media. Fortunately, I've just found it. I have something to tell to the e-world, so please welcome my first article!

As you all know, there's an ongoing conflict between Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. RoM has been standing at EDEN's door for almost 3 years, always supporting EDEN, and especially Romania, and delivering billions of damage. Ukraine is a full member of EDEN.
If you are not well informed about this conflict, please take a look at the following article, it's very informative.
Without having an idea about the conflict, you won't understand the essence of my article

So, in fact, we all know that Ukraine are the "good" guys, and RoM are the "bad" ones. They just want to close the war. Official statements say this.
Just 1h ago, a RW ended. RoM tried to take back one region from Ukraine. They wanted to give it back to us, in order to hurry up the end of the war. But, accidentally, they were supplying for fighting against RoM.
And more accidentally, something else happened. See the picture below.

Click here for full size.


And here is some non-official article, which in translation means "How we punished Moldova".

In conclusion: just an honest country, leaded by an honest CP, accidentally sacrificing bazookas and funds to keep RoM under their occupation.

I hope you enjoyed my first article. Votes and shouts are welcome, as I really want this message to reach as many people as possible.

Just wanted to mention that Ukrainian CP was fighting at all costs, including bazookas, in the last round, so that his and other ukrainians efforts will ultimately defeat us and keep our region under occupation.



Soldat necunoscut
Soldat necunoscut Day 1,674, 07:05

v first

max899 Day 1,674, 07:09

eu am prins aceeasi imagine, numai ca nu am ajuns sa public articolul )

L E V I A T A N Day 1,674, 07:10

Voted hard!

SergiuSky Day 1,674, 07:21



Soldat necunoscut
Soldat necunoscut Day 1,674, 07:25

ma tem sa comentez sa nu iau nu ma pot abtine de la un coment nationalist

Bursucul Gras
Bursucul Gras Day 1,674, 07:33


LUC DA Day 1,674, 07:33


unualibro Day 1,674, 07:36


Musatinu Day 1,674, 07:41

da-n romana?

Darkslowstar Day 1,674, 07:54

nu inteleg ce este asa deosebit? CP-ul lupta pt tara lui

Teo C
Teo C Day 1,674, 08:01

@Darkslowstar: Era vorba ca acea regiune sa fie data Rep. Moldova,dar pana si CP-ul dadea cu bazooka pentru a o tine sub ocupatie in continuare...

unualibro Day 1,674, 08:08

Dark intelege bine. Insa pentru a fi pro haholistan, tre' sa-si spele creierul.

Darkslowstar Day 1,674, 08:08

aaah, de ce nu spuneti asa? exista o intelegere scrisa, un log, ceva?

Strate777 Day 1,674, 08:23

And? Do you find something wrong in a fact that CP fights for his own country?

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 1,674, 09:09

WinterlsComing Day 1,674, 09:11


OFLU ONUR Day 1,674, 09:56

Oylandı , üye olundu zaaxD o/

giap Day 1,674, 10:28

Ukraine MUST consider that Moldova is our sister-country, and they must consider that attacking eMoldova is a moral aggression against eRomania. Ukraine is a EDEN country, so that they should consider our feelings and let eMoldova free. The action of eUkraine CP can be considered an indirect aggression against eRomania, thus diplomacy must act to solve this problem. If eRomanian CP would enter in war for eMoldova, we would read a lot of protests, from Lutsk to Donetsk, as "Romanians are traitors

MEK Karasu
MEK Karasu Day 1,674, 10:42

giap, "is a moral aggression against eRomania."
Take some more of that.
Ukrainians saying "gipsy" to EDEN policy. I have a feeling they meant us, cause they always do that.

Peste tot în media aliaților eRomâniei, românii sunt țigani, iar basarabenii gresieri/faianțari.

Patriotten Day 1,674, 10:54

De ieri o sa dau cate 50 ff pe zi.

Strate777 Day 1,674, 11:07

dont forget that this war was started by Moldova, so it couldn't be "indirect aggression against eRomania". The question is why some romanians help to pro-ONE country instead of bringing their "sister" down.

"Ukrainians saying "gipsy" to EDEN policy"
Not "ukrainians", but just one not too smart our citizen.

Also raise your eyes upper and see how RoM's president speaks about Ukraine.

Bogdan Armand Sibrand
Bogdan Armand Sibrand Day 1,674, 11:15


GreyN UA
GreyN UA Day 1,674, 11:16

Best Regards
CP of eUkraine GreyN UA

xSteviex Day 1,674, 11:16

EDEN eRomania help proONE Moldova.

andcre Day 1,674, 11:24

wow xSteviex! kind of cocky there, don't you think? : )

imamradyk Day 1,674, 11:26

Romanian EDEN - govno

andcre Day 1,674, 11:30

so a 2 times UA president thinks that we are ->

MEK Karasu
MEK Karasu Day 1,674, 11:31

Deci ăsta de mai sus, care a numit politica EDEN țigănească, referindu-se știm noi la cine, doar ce a zis în comentariul de mai sus următoarele: Romanian EDEN - ra4at.
Oare ce are în vedere? : /

MEK Karasu
MEK Karasu Day 1,674, 11:33

Bingo pentru andcre : (

albertos1 Day 1,674, 11:46


Wildrunner Day 1,674, 11:47

who cares? there wont be failkraine soon on the map and moldova will be free!

stefanzor Day 1,674, 12:00

Sustin Moldova!

snowy1981 Day 1,674, 12:15

sustin si am sustinut moldova

Raul Doru
Raul Doru Day 1,674, 14:00

cate FP-uri imi iau daca-mi zic parerea despre unii ucraineni, in frunte cu CP-ul lor?!

Bocalindo Day 1,674, 14:13

Dacă România nu vrea MPP cu Moldova, să semnăm cu Ungaria.
Atunci eliberăm Basarabia, Bucovina, Bugonistria, Podolia...

Darkslowstar Day 1,674, 14:31

Romania nu vrea MPP cu o tara ONE. Cat timp aveti MPP cu ONE nu puteti avea si cu noi.

cristi4seby Day 1,674, 15:19

@GreyN UA
"Best Regards
CP of eUkraine GreyN UA"

is better to shout tf ... becouse u dont want to see Uk raised by RoM
dont start what u cant handle

Fifty Day 1,674, 21:51

@cristi4seby: usor naravasule, nervosule care esti...

gR33NnP0w3R Day 1,675, 00:36

eRoM este eRO.Daca eUcraina ataca pe eRoM e ca si cum ar ataca eRO.Sper sa se rezolve aceste probleme cat mai repede,eRoM ne-a ajutat mult cand aveam probleme,acum vad ca luptam de partea eUcrainei.Eu unul nu am luptat pana acum in aceste batalii dar o voi face cat de curand,nu imi convine starea in care este acum eRoM.

Zm3u Day 1,675, 00:51

de cand se prescurteaza Moldova cu RoM? ma intreb cum se prescurteaza atunci si Macedonia, dar cu prescurtarea MD cum ramane?

Darkslowstar Day 1,675, 01:09

macedonia se numeste Fyrom, deci sunt gata prescurtati )

Luati de va informati

BaDaAtiLuatToateIdurile Day 1,675, 02:04

eMoldova a fost mereu a 2-a tara a romanilor. Ce se intampla este nederept si mi se pare rusinoasa atitudinea conducerii care nu ia decol atitudine la provocarile venite din parte ucrainienilor (a se vedea comenturile de mai sus)
Dupa mine lucrurile ar fi simplu de rezolvat...
1. Punem NE pe Ucraina (cred ca totusi trebuie sa asteptam sa expire tratatul de alianta sau nu?) si facem harta galbena in nord...
2. "Invadam" noi Moldova si o facem galbena

Krontzo Day 1,675, 05:13


MEK Karasu
MEK Karasu Day 1,675, 06:35

@Zm3u, am folosit denumirea standard din joc, pentru a nu crea confuzii. Articolul e adresat atât tuturor românilor, cât și străinilor.
De menționat că grelele lupte MD-UA, au avut loc și în timpul importantei lupte din Aquitaine. În acele lupte, ucrainenii cumpărau damage la maxim, echipau atât armata națională cât și mercenari, și mai și sacrificau bazuci/batoane. Cu ce scop? Cu scopul de a menține regiunile basarabenilor sub ocupație, logic.
Asta ar trebui să știe EDEN.

MEK Karasu
MEK Karasu Day 1,675, 06:42

Corect BaDaAtiLuatToateIdurile. Un număr mare de români din România au jucat/joacă pentru eMoldova, și la fel un mare număr de români din Basarabia joacă/au jucat pentru eRomânia.
Actualul președinte al eMoldovei este originar din România. Apoi din câte-mi amintesc, și Maniu a fost președinte al eMoldovei cândva.

Eu sunt de acord cu tine. Să fie galben din Banat până-n Siveria!!!

Batu91 Day 1,675, 12:36

Amza Pellea
Amza Pellea Day 1,675, 16:03


Rondy Rondy
Rondy Rondy Day 1,676, 01:54

@Zm3u : RoM = Republic of Moldova . Te ai gandit ca nu toti jucatorii din erepublik stiu ca prin Moldova ne referim la Republica Moldova ? Poate sunt anumit jucatori care citesc randurile astea si nu sunt tocmai , romani . Poate sunt straini.

o7 RoM , o7 RO !!!

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