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Montenegrin shame - Podgorica assembly

Day 1,845, 23:40 by Emperor of Doclea

Short lesson from Montenegrin history (part III)

Podgorica assembly

Podgorica Assembly 1918 - whose official name was: The Great National Assembly - found contrary to the Constitution of the then current state of Montenegro and its legal system - on 26 November 1918. Year (November 13, according to the old calendar) issued a decision and revoked the state of Montenegro, its territory unitary united (merged) to the territory of Serbia and its people were incorporated into Serbian!

The Executive Committee that was established by the National Assembly on 27th November took over all the power in the territory of Montenegro. Tasks of government established in its operations - the work program in nine points, as revealed the next day. Among them a prominent place has the task - "realizing the country's decision of the Grand National Assembly of the unification of Montenegro with Serbia under King Petar I Karadjordjevic."

The Proclamation to the Montenegrin people on December 1st says that the decision is "Hard as a rock, which can be touched or injured only by blood". Coming days and months, with the support of the Serbian army, guns, blood and numerous ruthlessness and atrocities that made a submission to the decision of the citizens of Montenegro who opposed its execution.
French Government, through its delegates Delarosh-Varne to King Nikola informs that France undertakes to Allied troops, including the Serbian, who entered Montenegro respect its sovereignty and that all orders that are issued by the Army "will be provided by His Majesty the King of Montenegro, by the Constitution of Montenegro. " France broke the promise and allowed Serbia to by force unite Montenegrin territory with its own.
From that day Serbian army committed numerous crimes in Montenegro.

Montenegrin people than organized “Christmas uprising 1919-1926” wishing to end Serbian occupation.
Jovan Plamenac, Risto Popovic, Petar Lagator, Dusan Vukovic, Krsto Zrnov Popovic were the key figures in uprise.
Serbian army tried to stop it with brutal methods: killing, burning houses, raping, putting in prison innocent people and sometimes whole families. Serbian army declared as bandit every person who didn’t accept their regime.
Around 3000 houses were burned and couple hundred people were killed. This was known as “white terror”.
Podgorica assembly was the most shameful act in history of Montenegro.
Fortunately we learned our lesson and gained our freedom first after WW II as part of Yugoslavia, and then in 2006. when we got our freedom.
Montenegrin shame - Podgorica assembly


CupaChups Day 1,845, 01:29

tomislave to nas ne zanima .

KALE Podgorica
KALE Podgorica Day 1,845, 02:32

odlican clanak!

Emperor of Doclea
Emperor of Doclea Day 1,845, 02:36



EagleSmart CG
EagleSmart CG Day 1,845, 02:54

bravo o7 777777

Kocka Scekic
Kocka Scekic Day 1,845, 06:09


Balkan Ruller
Balkan Ruller Day 1,845, 06:12

= )

CNA alekbarovic
CNA alekbarovic Day 1,845, 06:13

Popovicu konja jasi sa tobom su Zelenasi ! Nikad vise 1918 ! Super clanak brate : )

IvanNiksic Day 1,845, 06:14

Svaka čast!

E viva!

AlVechio Day 1,845, 06:15

Viva vero Montenegro !

GORlBOR Day 1,845, 06:17

Waiting for DSS!

viamontenegro Day 1,845, 06:20

NIKAD VISE 1918 !!!


IgorBar Day 1,845, 06:22

Popovicu konja jasi sa tobom su Zelenasi ! Nikad vise 1918 ! Super clanak brate : ) x2

nikolao1994 Day 1,845, 06:26

Never again. E viva Montenegro!

Emperor of Doclea
Emperor of Doclea Day 1,845, 06:30

Da se NIKAD ne zaboravi!


Hanibal Mne
Hanibal Mne Day 1,845, 06:40

Da se ne zaboravi! o7

NBaki Day 1,845, 06:55

Krstaš barjak nosim, Crnogorac sam i time se ponosim!

Bogohulja Day 1,845, 07:43

dobar članak, odličan zaključak! : ) Crna Gora majka!

sacred459 Day 1,845, 08:20


Pablo Ernesto Ortega Ocando
Pablo Ernesto Ortega Ocando Day 1,845, 14:33


VX450 Day 1,846, 13:54


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